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Struga Rainwater Systems

GreenCoatStruga Rainwater Systems
Our Struga System is produced exclusively from GreenCoat RWS steel made by SSAB Swedish Steel. This Swedish company is a world-wide leader in high durability steel production. One of the indisbutable advantagesof GreenCoat RWS steel is a thick layer of zinc coating (275g/m2) on both sides. This is a shield protecting the steel core from rust, especially when cut or scratched. Other colours available on request.

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(Code: SA28HR-2M)
Struga Anthracite Half Round GutterWidth: 125mm
Length: 2000mm

3000mm lengths on request.
(Code: SA28X90D)
Struga Anthracite Half Round Gutter Drop OutletSize: 125mm x 90mm
(Code: SA90DP-2M)
Struga Anthracite Round Rainwater PipeDiameter: 90mm
Lengths: 1000mm / 2000mm

3000mm lengths on request
(Code: SA90B-70)
Struga Anthracite Round Rainwater Pipe BendDiameter: 90mm
Angle: 70deg
(Code: SA90S-70)
Struga Anthracite Round Rainwater Pipe ShoeDiameter: 90mm
Angle: 70deg
(Code: SA90X90Y)
Struga Anthracite Round Rainwater Pipe BranchDiameter: 90mm
Angle: 70deg
(Code: SA90H)
Struga Anthracite HopperSize: 300mm x 200mm x 200mm
Diameter: 90mm