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3514-7R Radius Shear

(Code: Draco-61080-1GB)
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Cuts straight and tight radii in sheets, as well as over seams.
£ 743.80
  1. Up to 2.0mm, or 4 x 0.75mm steel

    • Cold cutting without flying sparks!
    • Ideal for cutting recesses in spiral ducts and sheets.
    • Cuts straight and tight radii in sheets as well as seams.
    • Ideal for air and climate technology, installation companies, truck workshops, metalworking companies etc, round holes in (spiro) tubes, connections in (spiro) tubes, splitting of (spiro) tubes etc.

    • Steel (400N/mm˛) capacity: 2mm
    • Stainless steel (600N/mm˛) capacity: 1.5mm
    • Stainless steel (800N/mm˛) capacity: 1.3mm
    • Aluminium (250N/mm˛) capacity: 3mm
    • Lead capacity: 4mm
    • Spiral duct (400N/mm˛): 4 x 0.75mm
    • Duct & Pittsburgh Seam (400N/mm˛): 4 x 0.75mm
    • Double lock seam (250N/mm˛): 6 x 0.75mm
    • Tightest radius: 45mm
    • Working speed: 5-7m per min
    • Strokes: 2400 per min
    • Motor capacity: 500 watts
    • Voltage: 115V
    • Weight: 2kg