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Underlays, Membranes & Tapes

For zinc, copper, stainless steel & aluminium roofing

(Code: MSL-EFM-1500X50M )
£ 187.50
Envirotect Class B-S1,D0 Fire Walling MembranePermavent Envirotect Class B Fire Walling Membrane is a class B-s1,d0 fire rated membrane for use in walls. It also provides high vapour permeability and superior water resistance.
(Code: MSL-RF-ASF250)
£ 311.00
Roofinox Acustic - The SilencerThe perfect noise insulation for your metal roof.
£ 54.00
ISO-Mat Pro® - Breather Membrane /  UnderlayWeight: 150g/m2
Width: 1.0m
Length: 50m
Area: 50m2
7.1 kg
£ 42.00
ISO-Mat Light® - Breather Membrane /  UnderlayWeight: 120g/m2
Width: 1.0m
Length: 50m
Area: 50m2
£ 158.00
ISO-Mat Metal® - Structured UnderlayCondensation control and drainage system for metal roofing.
Cover width: 1.4m
Length: 25m
Area: 35m2
Weight 17kg
(Code: MSL-KPL-1100X50M)
£ 67.00
Discontinued Product
Klober Permo Light Breather MembraneUnderlay for metal roofing & cladding.

Width: 1.1m
Length: 50m
Area: 55m2
(Code: VM-PRO)
£ 205.00
VM Zinc Membrane ProVM Zinc Membrane from Tyvek.

Width: 1.5m
Length: 50m
Area: 75m2
(Code: MSL-VFF-25S)
£ 7.35
Ventilated Foam FillerVentilated foam filler for standing seam & Snaplock® roofing.
(Code: TV-TAPE-2S)
£ 19.11
Tyvek Double Sided TapeTyvek double-sided tape is ideal for sealing overlaps and bonding membranes and VCLs together.

Width: 50mm
Roll size: 25m
(Code: TV-TAPE-1S)
£ 25.81
Tyvek Single Sided Tape

Tyvek single sided tape is suitable for sealing membrane laps but particularly suitable for sealing around penetrations and damage repair for all Tyvek membranes.

Width: 75mm
Roll size: 25m

(Code: ALU-VB-600)
£ 269.00
Alutrix 600 Vapour Barrier

A high performance, self-adhesive, cold applied vapour barrier

Thickness: 0.6mm
Length: 40m
Width: 1.08m
Weight: 29.5kg

(Code: ALU-FG35-12.5)
£ 164.00
Alutrix FG35 Primer

Primer for Alutrix Vapour Barrier

Coverage: 50m2/60m2
Weight: 12.5kg

(Code: PS-P5L)
£ 13.75
Premseal Primer

A black mobile liquid used in conjunction with Premseal Waterproof membrane in order to consolidate the substrate and ensure complete bond development.

(Code: MSL-GEO-1000X25M)
£ 25.00
Geotextile Underlay
Underlay for copper.

Width: 1m
Length: 25m
Area: 25m2
Weight: 220g / m2
(Code: MSL-MM-500X50M)
£ 101.25
Metmat Underlay
Underlay for stainless steel.
Reduces wind / rain noise.

Width: 500mm
Pack size: 2 x 50m rolls
(Code: MSL-MM-425X70M)
£ 117.60
Metmat Underlay
Underlay for stainless steel.
Reduces wind / rain noise.

Width: 425mm
Pack size: 2 x 70m rolls
(Code: EFT-1x10x8)
£ 59.45
Expanding Foam Tape (Box of 20nr)For standing seams and other metal roofing applications.

(Code: MS-IM100BLK18x16x30M)
£ 19.80
Insect Mesh
Fibre glass insect mesh.