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NedZink Naturel Zinc
Natural Zinc
NedZink Neo Preweathered Zinc
Preweathered Zinc
NedZink Noir Preweathered Zinc
Dark Preweathered Zinc
Zintek Earth Brown Coloured Zinc
Coloured Zinc

Zinc Roofing

Zinc Roofing Today
Out of all the traditional metal roofing materials available, zinc remains the most well-known, interesting and widely used material. Commonly considered a contemporary metal roofing material, zinc has in fact been installed on roofs since the early 19th century. Today’s Zinc-Titanium alloy is malleable, has an excellent appearance, is cost effective and has a relatively long life with low maintenance.
Zinc Finishes
Zinc is available in natural form, preweathered, dark preweathered and with pigmented colours.
Natural Zinc
Natural zinc has an initial shiny metallic appearance that develops a patina over time. This very patina actually becomes a protective layer for the zinc, giving a long life product.
Preweathered Zinc
Preweathered zinc is chemically treated to give various matt colour options, some representative of weathered natural zinc. The preweathered zinc will take on its natural patina over time, again protecting the zinc from further corrosion.
Coloured Zinc
Coloured zinc is created by adding pigments to a durable protective coating, giving the appearance of colour but still revealing the grained preweathered zinc surface.
With a lifespan of 75+ years, zinc is not only an aesthetic choice but nowadays also a sustainable choice. In addition to a long service life, more than 95% is collected and recycled again after use. It therefore answers the circular economy. There are few building materials whose overall environmental balance is as positive as for zinc.
AFP (Anti Finger Print) Coating
An AFP coating is a pre-requisite for a good quality installation. All our preweathered zincs have an organic AFP coating which protects the zinc from potential unsightly marks during installation.
Protective Backing
Zinc is sometimes specified with a protective backing, however this protective backing can also fail if the substrate isn't correct. We therefore advise to use standard zinc with a structured underlay (ISO-Mat Metal®) and to ensure the correct substrate build-up.
Coil Quality
Although a certain amount of 'oil canning' (undulations) is inevitable when forming zinc, it is imperative that the zinc is of a good, unmarked quality before forming. All our metals are quality checked during recoiling.
Zinc Warranty
Any quality zinc Manufacturer will now offer a minimum 30 year warranty, subject to certain exclusions. All our zincs have a standard 30 year warranty.
Zinc Availability
We stock natural, preweathered and coloured zinc in various thicknesses and widths to suit the application.
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