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Slating Tools

(Code: Dimos-13550)
Discontinued Product
Dimos Saga Slaters Hammer
Saga V2 right handed version.
5 years guarantee.
Length: 310mm
Weight: 0.84kg
(Code: Dimos-61025)
Dimos CAD4 Slate Cutter
For the regular and fragmented cutting of natural and fibre cement slates (with adaptor ref:61036).
Length: 940mm
Weight: 19.6kg
(Code: Dimos-61025)
Dimos CAD4 Slate Cutter - Adaptor kit for Fibre Cement
Adaptor kit to convert the CAD 4 Slate Cutter to Fibre Cement.
(Code: Malco-TSNS1)
TurboShear NS1 Slate Cutter
Cuts natural roofing slate.
Fits to chuck of a standard or cordless drill (excluded).
Heavy duty shear that clamps to the drill body for one-handed operation.
Weight: 1.18kg
(Code: Malco-TSNS1RB)
TurboShear NS1 Slate Cutter Blades
Replacement blade and skid plate set.
(Code: Malco-NSP1)
Slate Punch
Hole punch for natural roofing slate.
Length: 216mm
Capacity: 4-8mm
Throat depth: 63mm
Hole size: 0.125mm
Weight: 0.66kg
(Code: Malco-NSC1)
Slate Cutter
Hand cutter for natural roofing slate.
Length: 222mm
Capacity: 4-8mm
Weight: 0.4kg
(Code: Mon 1865F)
Slate Cutting ToolLength: 310mm
Weight: 0.65kg