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Shears / Nibblers

Powered sheet metal cutting tools

(Code: TRU-1942368 )
£ 795.38
TruTool C 250 with Chip ClipperThe TruTool C 250 provides unrivalled performance. It cuts sheet thicknesses of 2.5 mm in mild steel and 1.5 mm in stainless steel.
(Code: TRU-1907692)
£ 687.06
(-10.00%) £ 618.35
TruTool S 160 Li-Ion Cordless ShearPrecise cutting with optimum performance on curves!
(Code: TRU-1907694)
£ 708.27
(-10.00%) £ 637.44
TruTool C 160 Li-Ion Cordless Slitting ShearIdeal for straight, distortion-free cuts and C-L-U profiles.
(Code: Malco-TS1)
£ 63.50
TurboShear Cuts straight or to the left in round or square sections of sheet metals.
(Code: Dimos-175538)
£ 49.10
Dimos Nibbler Shears
Nibbling shears for corrugated and flat sheet.
(Code: Dimos-175539)
£ 45.43
Dimos Nibbler Shears for Stainless SteelNibbling shears for corrugated and flat sheet in stainless steel.
(Code: Malco-TSHD)
£ 117.14
TurboShear HDMakes fast straight, curved or square cuts in most common sheet metals.
(Code: Malco-TSHDRB)
£ 50.39
TurboShear HD BladesReplacement blade set.
(Code: Malco-TSMD)
£ 137.75
TurboShear MD Double CutHeavy duty double-cut shear drill attachment for sheet metal.
(Code: Malco-TSMDRB)
£ 62.01
TurboShear MD Double Cut Blades
Replacement blade set.
(Code: Malco-TSCM)
£ 125.40
TurboShear CM
Heavy duty shear drill attachment for corrugated metal.
(Code: Malco-TSCMRB)
£ 58.76
TurboShear CM Blades
Replacement blade set.
(Code: Malco-TSA2)
£ 268.30
TurboShear A2Heavy duty power shear that clamps to the drill body for one-handed operation.
(Code: Malco-TSHD1A)
£ 270.46
TurboShear HD1A
Air powered shear for unstoppable shearing power in heavy sheet metal!
(Code: Malco-TSNS1)
£ 223.13
TurboShear NS1 Slate Cutter
Cuts natural roofing slate.
(Code: Malco-TSNS1RB)
£ 80.37
TurboShear NS1 Slate Cutter Blades
Replacement blade and skid plate set.
(Code: Malco-TSF1)
£ 185.87
TurboShear F1 Fibre Cement Cutter
Cuts Fibre Cement board up to 8mm thick.

(Code: Malco-TSF2)
£ 185.87
TurboShear F2 Fibre Cement Cutter
Cuts Fibre Cement backer board up to 13mm thick.
(Code: Malco-TSV1)
£ 190.43
TurboShear V1 Vinyl Cutter
Cuts Vinyl cladding up to 1.4mm & sheeting up to 3.18mm thick.

(Code: Malco-FCC7)
£ 671.26
Fibre Cement Angle CutterCuts multiple angles in fibre cement siding with guillotine precision and minimal dust.