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S-5! Clamps & PV Kits

Standing Seam Metal Roof Clamps and PV Kits

Attach almost anything to standing seam metal roof profiles with zero penetration using our S-5! brackets & clamps. Our metal roof brackets & clamps allow you to attach accessories while protecting the integrity of your metal roof - and at the best possible price!  In 1991, S-5! created a whole new product category that changed the way people thought about metal roofs - making it simple and easy to mount things to metal roofs in prudent, engineered ways that cause no harm to the roof. These innovative standing seam roof clamp technologies actually cost less "the right way" than all the wrong ways it had been done in the past!
Which Engineered Metal Roof Clamp Best Suits Your Application?
S-5! clamps are offered in two sizes to accommodate the holding strength needs of varying utility applications. Our standard (two-setscrew) clamps are designed specifically for heavy-duty applications such as snow retention, and they provide documented and unsurpassed holding strength. Mini (one-setscrew) clamps save considerable cost for medium or lighter-duty applications, like satellite dish or solar panel mounting.
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How much load will S-5! clamps hold?
The answer to this question varies with the load direction, the seam profile, the roof material and the clamp model. These variables result with a wide range of holding capacities from 235kg to 1800kg. This is why for critical applications it is important to correctly identify the roof panel, seam type, gauge, etc along with the recommended seam clamp for the specific roof. When used on some “applied cap” architectural type seam styles, S-5! may yield low load-to-failure results as compared with integrated seam profiles. Always check the S-5! load table to verify the correct allowable holding strength on your specific roof type.
How much load will Mini (one setscrew) clamps hold in the parallel load orientation?
Our standard test procedures are to test the mini (one setscrew) clamps with negative load normal to seam, and standard (two setscrew) clamps with load parallel to seam. We have performed numerous parallel to seam datum tests on mini clamps and concluded from engineering analysis the mini clamp is (conservatively) obtaining more than ˝ the strength of the standard clamps. In fact, the majority of the datum testing indicates the strength of a mini is closer to 2/3 the strength of a standard clamp. In due course, we are adding certified lab testing in this load direction for mini clamps. In the interim, should certification of the load application parallel to seam be critical to your application, we suggest using the standard (two setscrew) design. 
I have seen other products that attach with setscrews. How is S-5! different?
The metallic and architectural coatings used on many sheet metal panels are thin and fragile. There may be copycat snow guard products in the marketplace that also utilise setscrews for attachment. A common setscrew with a cup-point gouges through protective coatings, violating warranties and causing corrosion sites at the point of attachment. S-5! utilises special, polished, round-tipped screws. Although more costly, the makers of S-5! use this method to preserve delicate panel finishes and their warranties. S-5! also use the highest quality stainless steel alloys for all hardware and include auxiliary stainless mounting bolts to assure longevity and metallurgic compatibility, no matter what the attachment application.
What profiles will S-5! clamps not fit?
S-5! clamps will not fit on face-fastened trapezoidal rib or corrugated type panels. While our clamps won't work on thru-fastened roofs, we can provide bracket products for them (please contact us). S-5! products will not fit to hollow “batten” seam type panels but can be used for the traditional (wood-backed) batten seam folded joints.
(Code: S5-S2TT30)
£ 1.63
Driver for S5 ClampsDriver for S5 Clamps
(Code: S-5-RC)
£ 11.60
S-5-RC ClampA versatile clamp uniquely suited to the Riverclack® Profile
(Code: S5-E)
£ 6.52
S-5-E ClampFor traditional 25mm & 38mm double-folded standing seam profiles.
(Code: S5-EMINI-NB)
£ 4.13
S-5-E Mini Clamp ( NO BOLT )
Smaller than standard S-5-E. For lighter duty attachments.
(Code: S5-Z)
£ 10.02
In Stock
S-5-Z ClampDesigned for round seam systems.
(Code: S5-ZMINI-NB)
£ 5.75
S-5-Z Mini Clamp ( NO BOLT )Smaller than the standard S-5-Z. For lighter duty attachments.
(Code: S5-N)
£ 10.44
Delivery in approx 25 days
S-5-N Clamp
For 25mm nail strip seam systems.
(Code: S5-NMINI-NB)
£ 9.08
S-5-N Mini Clamp ( NO BOLT )
Smaller than the standard S-5-N. For lighter duty attachments.

(Code: S5-S)
£ 8.58
S-5-S Clamp
Versatile clamp for snaplock seam systems.
(Code: S5-SMINI-NB)
£ 4.62
S-5-S Mini Clamp ( NO BOLT )
Smaller than the standard S-5-S. For lighter duty attachments.

Delivery expected end July/ August

(Code: S5-B)
£ 23.21
S-5-B ClampFor traditional 25mm & 38mm double-folded standing seam copper profiles.
(Code: S5-BMINI-NB)
£ 16.28
S-5-B Mini Clamp ( NO BOLT )
Smaller than the standard S-5-B. For lighter duty attachments.
(Code: S5-PVKIT)
£ 5.08
S-5-PV Kit
Rail-less solar panel system (excludes clamp).
(Code: S5-PVNUT)
£ 0.39
PV Kit Flange Nut
Stainless steel flange nut for end conditions.
(Code: S5-M8BOLT)
£ 0.62
Mini Clamp M8 Bolt
M8 bolt for S-5! Mini clamps.
(Code: S5-VERSA)
£ 3.57
S-5 Versabracket 47Aluminium pre-punched bracket.
(Code: S5-EMINIFL)
£ 4.58
S-5-E FL Mini ClampVersatile utility mounting for traditional 25mm & 38mm double-folded standing seam profiles.
(Code: S5-ZMINIFL)
£ 6.64
S-5-Z FL Mini ClampDesigned for round seam systems.
(Code: S5-TRAP)
£ 8.27
S-5 Trap BracketAttachment solution for specific trapezoidal exposed-fastened metal roofs.
(Code: S5-TRAPFIX)
£ 0.41
S-5 Trap Bracket FixingsFor attaching the S-5! TrapBracket.