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Copper Ogee Gutter & Accessories

Our copper guttering and rainwater systems are manufactured by Metal Solutions Ltd from 0.6mm Aurubis Standard copper. We can also fabricate from the full range of Aurubis Nordic finishes, as well as producing any bespoke items.
(Code: C28OG)
£ 49.62
Copper Ogee GutterStandard lengths 2400mm.

Other lengths available up to 3000mm.
(Code: C28OG-EX)
£ 29.97
Copper Ogee Gutter External CornerSoldered gutter corner.
(Code: C28OG-IN)
£ 29.92
Copper Ogee Gutter Internal CornerSoldered gutter corner.
(Code: C76x76)
£ 5.49
Copper Box Outlet
(Code: C28OG-F)
£ 8.12
Copper Ogee Gutter Fascia Bracket 25mm x 5mm section.
(Code: C28OG-R)
£ 9.44
Copper Ogee Gutter Rafter Bracket 25mm x 5mm section.