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Topclip Capping System

The TopClip is a universal connector with double vulcanised seals, for the joining of metal cappings. Topclip is suitable for all metal roofing materials i.e. copper, zinc, stainless steel, precoated aluminium, GreenCoat Steel & PPC aluminium. It has a standard configuration of 1.2mm aluminium or 0.8mm stainless steel with elastomeric black rubber seals. Measurements are 3000mm long x 150mm wide.
The Topclip is easy to fix with conventional metal roofing tools. It can be formed on-site or in the workship as required.
A stiffening welt is made at each end on the capping profles.
A breathable metal seperating membrane, ISO-Mat Metal, is installed between the connectors to compensate for the height of the seals and to ventilate and protect the under side of the capping profiles.
    • Universal: The aluminium Topclip is suitable for all materials except copper, for which the stainless steel Topclip is used.
    • Rain Proof: The two vulcanised 8mm seals on both sides of the Topclip huddle against the capping profile, building a safe barrier against the capillary penetration of water.
  • Cost Effective: The Topclip is easy to install, without any soldering or further sealing. Also expansion joints are not necessary as the open joint caters for lateral movement.
(Code: RA-23011)
£ 72.79
Topclip Aluminium Capping Joint
For jointing of capping systems in zinc, aluminium etc.
(Code: RA-23014)
£ 87.05
Topclip Stainless Steel Capping Joint
For jointing of capping systems in stainless steel or copper.