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Stainless Steel Tools

Tools specifically manufactured from stainless steel

(Code: TKVA)
£ 212.00
Discontinued Product
Rau Eaves Edger TK SS EDP1059
Stainless steel tool.
Folds eaves edges.
Folding length: 250mm
Folding depth: 40mm
Weight: 1.7kg
(Code: TSCHVA)
£ 205.00
Rau Double Eaves Edger TSCH VA - EDP1069
Stainless steel tool.
Closes eaves edges.
Closing length: 220mm
Weight: 2.1kg
£ 205.00
Rau Square Seam Folder WFSCH SS EDP1119
Stainless steel tool.
Closes the single lock standing seam.
Closing length: 220mm
Weight: 4.0kg
(Code: WDFVA)
£ 239.00
Rau Twin Square Seam Folder WDF SS EDP1179Stainless steel.
Closes the double lock standing seam.
Closing length: 220mm
Weight: 2.4kg
(Code: BG500VA)
£ 434.00
Rau Folding Tool BG500VA EDP1029
Stainless steel folding tool.
Folding length: 500mm
Folding height: 520mm
Weight: 7.8kg
(Code: Stubai-281012)
£ 34.99
Stubai Round Nose Pliers without Teeth
Joint type: box
Length: 260mm
Jaw length: 60mm
Weight: 0.36kg
(Code: Stubai-281561)
£ 42.16
Stubai Round Nose Pliers SS
Stainless steel
Jaws with teeth
Joint type: lap
Length: 240mm
Jaw length: 45mm
Weight: 0.37kg
(Code: Stubai-282161)
£ 65.41
Stubai Bent Seaming Pliers 45 Degree 60 SSStubai stainless steel seaming pliers.
Joint type: lap
Length: 250mm
Blade width: 60mm
Weight: 0.59kg
(Code: Stubai-282061)
£ 64.02
Stubai Straight Seaming Pliers 60 SSStainless steel
Joint type: lap
Length: 270mm
Blade width: 60mm
Weight: 0.55kg