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Stainless Steel Tools

Tools specifically manufactured from stainless steel

(Code: TKVA)
Rau Eaves Edger TK SS EDP1059
Stainless steel tool.
Folds eaves edges.
Folding length: 250mm
Folding depth: 40mm
Weight: 1.8kg
(Code: TSCHVA)
Rau Double Eaves Edger TSCH VA - EDP1069
Stainless steel tool.
Closes eaves edges.
Closing length: 220mm
Weight: 2.1kg
Rau Square Seam Folder WFSCH SS EDP1119
Stainless steel tool.
Closes the single lock standing seam.
Closing length: 220mm
Weight: 2.2kg
(Code: WDFVA)
Rau Twin Square Seam Folder WDF SS EDP1179Stainless steel.
Closes the double lock standing seam.
Closing length: 220mm
Weight: 2.7kg
(Code: PEKVA)
Rau Large Dog Ear Tool PEK SS EDP1159
Stainless steel.
For forming dog ear folds.
Blade length: 250mm
Weight: 3.3kg
(Code: BG500VA)
Rau Folding Tool BG500VA EDP1029
Stainless steel folding tool.
Folding length: 500mm
Folding height: 520mm
Weight: 7.5kg
(Code: Stubai-281012)
Stubai Round Nose Pliers without Teeth
Joint type: box
Length: 260mm
Jaw length: 60mm
Weight: 0.36kg
(Code: Stubai-281561)
Stubai Round Nose Pliers SS
Stainless steel
Jaws with teeth
Joint type: lap
Length: 240mm
Jaw length: 45mm
Weight: 0.37kg
(Code: Stubai-282161)
Stubai Bent Seaming Pliers 45 Degree 60 SSStainless steel
Joint type: lap
Length: 250mm
Blade width: 60mm
Weight: 0.59kg
(Code: Stubai-282061)
Stubai Straight Seaming Pliers 60 SSStainless steel
Joint type: lap
Length: 270mm
Blade width: 60mm
Weight: 0.55kg
(Code: Toolkit 9)
Rau Stainless Steel Eaves and Seaming Tool Kit (special discounted price) All you need for eaves and seam closing.

Complete set in Stainless Steel.

Eaves Edger TK.
Double Eaves Edger TSCH.
Squareseam Folder WFSCH.
Twin Squareseam Folder WDF.