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Cutting Machinery

Sheet metal guillotines, shears & slitters

(Code: BUS-0400)
£ 918.00
Falz CutterFor double-lock standing seam metal roof dismantling.
(Code: MSL-Metalshear-1000)
MSL Metal Shear
Robust and economical guillotine shear.
(Code: MSL-Powershear-1000)
MSL Power Shear
Powered workshop guillotine shear.
(Code: WUKO-1010-1000)
£ 2,294.00
Sheet Metal Shear 1010/1000mm
Tough, long-lasting shear for cross cutting sheet metal.
(Code: WUKO-1020C2A)
£ 1,077.00
Wuko Clipper 1020 C2A
Cordless slitter that cuts through sheet metal without vibrations and curls.
(Code: WUKO-1020C2E)
£ 1,017.00
Wuko Clipper 1020 C2EMains-powered slitter that cuts through sheet metal without vibrations and curls.
(Code: WUKO-1020Guide)
£ 111.00
Wuko Clipper 1020 Guide
Adjustable guide for Wuko Clipper 1020 C2A & 1020 C2E.
(Code: WUKO-1080A)
£ 2,453.00
Trimmer 1080ASelf-propelling power tool for removing old standing seams.
(Code: Draco-91267-3)
Shear K1-AGNRSCross Cut Roller-Slitter-Shear with linear guide for the Draco Folder K1-AGNU-3.
(Code: Dimos-071224)
£ 474.00
Dimos Triade Slitter
Slitting device for use with Dimos Triade Folding Machine.
(Code: Dimos-081340)
£ 24.00
Dimos Triade Spring
Replacement spring for Dimos Triade.
(Code: Dimos-071252)
£ 157.00
Dimos Triade Slitter Adaptor
Required to attach slitter to Dimos Triade Folding Machine.
(Code: Schechtl-RS)
TBS / TBX / LBT / LBX Roller ShearAdd to folder for length-ways cutting.
(Code: Schechtl-HT100)
HT Shear
Manually operated plate shear.