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Folding Machinery

Sheet metal folders, box & pan folders

(Code: MSL-Sitemate-2000)
£ 1,875.00
MSL Site-Mate 2000 Folding MachineThe most advanced bender for site use!
(Code: MAG-650E)
Magnabend Folding MachineElectromagnetic folding machine.
(Code: Tapco-Max20-12)
£ 1,198.00
(-25.29%) £ 895.00
MAX 20 Folding Machine
Working length: 1200mm
Steel: 0.7mm
Aluminium: 1.0mm
Copper / zinc: 0.8mm
Weight: 25kg
(Image typical - stand excluded)
(Code: Tapco-Supermax-26)
£ 3,524.00
Supermax Folding Machine
Working length: 2600mm
Steel: 1.0mm
Aluminium: 1.5mm
Copper / zinc: 1.2mm
Weight: 203kg
Complete with stand, cut-off and tune-up kit.
(Code: MSL-Litemate-2000)
£ 1,875.00
MSL Lite-Mate Folding Machine
Lightweight folding machine, perfect for site or workshop use.

(Code: MSL-Shopmate-3000)
£ 4,173.00
MSL Shop-Mate Folding Machine
Designed for heavy-duty workshop use.
(Code: MSL-Shopmate-HD-1000)
MSL Shop-Mate HD Folding Machine
Designed for heavy-duty workshop use.
(Code: MSL-Shopmate-HDS-1000)
MSL Shop-Mate HDS Segmented Folding Machine
Designed for heavy-duty workshop use.
(Code: Draco-91292-3)
Draco Folder K1-AGNU-3
Mobile folding machine.
(Code: Dimos-981453)
£ 1,468.00
Dimos Triade 1m With 'V' LegsFolding machine complete with slitter.

(Code: Dimos-981454)
£ 1,945.00
Dimos Triade 2m With 'V' LegsFolding machine complete with slitter.
(Code: Dimos-981456)
£ 2,428.00
Dimos Triade 2m With Castor WheelsFolding machine complete with slitter.

(Code: Dimos-981466)
£ 2,758.00
Dimos Triade Opium 2m With Foot PedalFolding machine complete with slitter.

(Code: Dimos-081490)
Dimos LagoonBending machine ideal for all types of bends, including complex and non-standard bends.
(Code: Dimos-084513)
Dimos Master-SHigh capacity workshop bending machine.
(Code: Schechtl-TBX100)
£ 1,979.00
TBX 100 Portable Folding MachineLightweight, durable, folding machine complete with roller shear.
(Code: Schechtl-TBS100)
£ 3,635.00
TBS 100 Portable Segmented Folding Machine
Transportable segmented folding machine.

(Code: Schechtl-LBT125)
LBT 125 Folding Machine c/w 16mm Beading RollerVersatile, mobile folding machine complete with beading roller.
(Code: Schechtl-LBX200)
£ 2,547.00
LBX Folding Machine
Designed on-site use; light-weight and user-friendly.
(Code: Schechtl-UK100/S)
UK Segmented Folding MachineManually operated bending machine with segmented upper, lower & folding beam.