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S-5! ColorGard® System

ColorGard® Snow Retention System

Powder-coated and air-dried paint finishes fade faster than the roof, producing an unsightly mismatch in just a few years. ColorGard’s finish match lasts the life of the roof - guaranteed because it is the same material as the roof! Our metal roof snow guards can be easily installed any time of the year. Retrofit ColorGard® to an existing roof or incorporate it in the new roof design.
ColorGard® Benefits
  • Perfect color and finish-matching for the life of the roof .
  • Optional limited lifetime performance warranty* (additional cost).
  • Compatible with all standing seam and exposed-fastened metal roof profiles.
  • Eliminates the need for painting or powder-coating.
  • Proven performance since 1995 – 4,000+ miles of installations without a single documented failure!
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Why should you keep snow on the roof?
Falling snow forms a temperature-sensitive bond to the surface of a metal roof. As that roof warms, whether from the sun or from building heat loss, the bond with the snow is broken and a thin film of melt water serves to lubricate the roof. This can have dramatic results as a several-ton blanket of snow suddenly slides off the roof and avalanches down upon anything in its path: gutters, vehicles,  even people. Once piled up below, that same snowbank can cause additional troubles, like direct damage to the building walls or even indirect damage caused by funneling melt water into, rather than away from, the wall. This is what makes snow retention devices desirable: they hold the snow back and allow it to leave the roof slowly, either in small amounts of snow or as meltwater, avoiding the dual calamity of the avalanche.
Why is it a bad idea to put snow guards just over doorways?
It is very difficult to predict how snow banks will shear when only a portion of the bank is restrained. It will not, however, shear in a straight line from the end of the snow retention system (also known as a snow guard) up to the ridge. This is a certainty. Rather, it will shear in a diagonal line toward the ridge. The angle of that line becomes more acute as the slope of the metal roof increases, resulting in a large, wedge-shaped bank of snow being supported by the system -- not a small, rectangular shaped bank. This is because the snow bank has cohesive strength within itself. The cohesive strength varies with the density and temperature of the snow bank, which always changes. Hence, the angle of shear is impossible to determine with any certainty.
Why is ColorGard® a better choice than other colour-coded options?
Because of the perfect color matching that lasts the life of the roof! It's not difficcult to achieve a perfect color match to the roof initially; the challenge is to keep it color-matched over time because different pigments, paint resins and application technologies result in different aging characteristics. The premium paint finishes used on metal panels are “coil-coated.” This paint application method utilises state-of-the-art technologies, chemical pretreatment, primer and finish coat application, and controlled oven curing. Only through this lengthy process can high quality Kynar and Hylar (PVDF) finishes be applied and warranted against color fade for 20 years and longer. ColorGard® is the only product that uses the same factory applied finish as the roof itself by incorporating a strip of the actual roof material in the ColorGard® system, for a perfect match of the roof and snow guard—forever!
How can ColorGard® be less conspicuous than clear plastic snow guards?
ColorGard® presents architecturally clean lines. It is unobtrusive in appearance, blending into the roofscape. When compared to plastic alternatives that have highly reflective characteristics, ColorGard® is the clear winner for complementing the roof. What manufacturers neglect to say is that these plastics are petroleum derivatives that change as they age. The sun’s ultraviolet rays draw out the oils and plasticisers leach out of the material causing the material to yellow with time. A few short years in the elements causes clear plastic to dramatically discolor. Because these products generally have low load-to-failure values, they must often be used in a very redundant fashion to avoid overload and failure. Because of ColorGard’s Herculean strength, less ColorGard® is required. Based upon lab tested load-to-failure data, it can take up to 10 plastic parts to equal the strength of just one row of ColorGard®.
(Code: Colorguard-3m)
£ 28.47
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S-5 Colorgard-3mAluminium rail & splice (ColorStrip excluded).
(Code: Versaclip)
£ 1.72
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S-5 VersaclipConnects the Colorgard® crossmember to any S-5! standard clamps.
(Code: S-5-SNOCLIP 335)
Available at Supplier
S-5 Snoclip llRetards the migration of snow and ice beneath the ColorGard® crossmember.
(Code: S-5-SNOCLIP 336)
Available at Supplier
S-5 Snoclip lllRetards the migration of snow and ice beneath the ColorGard® crossmember.