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Biegetec Perfect Metal Bending Tools
Biegetec's range of Perfect Benders are all made in the EU from materials of the best quality and are manufactured to the highest standard. Precise manufacturing techniques offer the user a long-lasting and superb performing tool. This is what Perfect Bender stands for. All parts are CNC lathe milled, laser cut and assembled in the house's own factory. Through the use of only premium materials, years of know-how and constant product development, the Perfect Bender sets the standard for the market.
Our range of metal bending tools can be used in a vast array of applications. You can either bend copper, zinc, coated aluminium, stainless steel or coated steel with these. You need to consider both the capacity and bending height before selecting the right bender. If you see a product in the Biegetec brochure not listed on our website, please contact us and we can order it in for you.
(Code: BIE-10500)
Biegetec Accuseamer
The revolutionary cordless standing seam closer!

Perfect for seaming of single and double lock seams on straight and curved panels.
(Code: BIE-10170)
£ 227.00
Biegetec Pocket Bender L-20/50
Bends up to 100°

Especially useful for bending to the corners (e.g. window sills).
(Code: BIE-10010)
£ 271.00
Biegetec Bender S-60Bends up to 100°

Shorter brother of L-Line and XL-line.

(Code: BIE-10040)
£ 325.00
Biegetec Bender L-250Bends up to 100°

Longer brother of S-Line and shorter brother of XL-Line.

(Code: BIE-10060)
£ 460.00
Biegetec Bender XL-60Bends up to 100°.

Big brother of S-Line and L-line. Ideal for wall connections & double rebate profiles.

(Code: BIE-10130)
£ 626.00
Biegetec Deep Bender DXL-250Ideal for bending already profiled materials.
(Code: BIE-10110)
£ 262.00
Biegetec Disc Roller S-Model
Bends from 90° to 180°

Makes bending sheet metal a breeze!
(Code: BIE-10120)
£ 495.00
Biegetec Disc Roller XL-Model
Bends from 90° to 180°

Makes bending sheet metal a breeze!
(Code: BIE-10300)
£ 213.00
Biegetec Double SeamerCloses the double lock seam.
(Code: BIE-10330)
£ 158.00
Biegetec Eaves Closer

For closing eaves edges.

(Code: BIE-10360)
£ 150.00
Biegetec Single SeamerCloses the single lock standing seam.
(Code: BIE-10370)
£ 113.00
Biegetec Eaves FolderFolds eaves edges.
(Code: BIE-10400)
£ 5.00
Biegetec Marking Tool
Polished stainless steel with exact graduation every 5mm.