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Decoiling & Handling Equipment

Sheet metal decoilers, lifters & conveyors

(Code: Dimos-82006)
Dimos Roller Conveyor
Extendable up to 1300mm
Height up to 960mm.
Max load: 150kg
Weight: 43kg

(Code: MSL-Cuttolength)
MSL Cut-to-length & Slitting LinesMany options available - please contact us with your requirements.
(Code: Draco-91201)
De-Coiler K1-CWAvailable for coil widths 800mm, 1000mm or 1250mm
Contact us for options, price and availability
(Code: Draco-91241)
De-Coiler K1-CW/AQWith cross cut shear
Contact us for options, price and availability
(Code: Draco-91271)
De-Coiler K1-CW/LSE/S
With cross cut shear and electric longitudinal shear
Contact us for options, price and availability
(Code: Draco 91230)
Lifting Beam K1-CWT
Lifting beam or Decoiler and Coil Lifter.
Capacity: 2000kg
Coil width: up to 1000mm
Contact us for price and availability
(Code: Dimos-082001)
Dimos Mini Decoiler
 Lightweight decoiler
(Code: Dimos-082050)
Dimos Trolley Decoiler 250
Galvanised rollers
Ergonomic handles
Can be used to transport coils or to decoil from

(Code: Dimos-082040)
Dimos Reel Decoiler 1000

Decoiler for larger coils

(Code: Dimos-082040cb)
Dimos Reel Decoiler 1000 with Connecting BarsComplete with connecting bars to suit profiling machines.
(Code: D-082040-71224-71200)
Dimos Reel Decoiler with Cross Slitter
Decoiler for larger coils
(Code: Dimos-082048)
Dimos Stackable Decoiler
 Decoiler for larger coils
(Code: Knoll KULI-100)
Kuli 100 Decoiler
Capacity: 250kg
Coil Width: 1000mm
Weight: 24kg