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Buschmann Tools

Buschmann's specialisation is the inventing, testing and manufacturing of roofing tools. They have more than 15 years of experience in this field and have introduced new quality standards in the industry.
Buschmann's famous Perfect Bender and Disc Bender Family are now newly improved following their 10th year anniversary! All bender models have a standard bending roll of 0.7mm radius, but now can be easily exchanged to 2.0mm radius which is better suited for bending soft materials like zinc, aluminium and copper. The disc benders now have a removeable bending disc which is 30% lighter!
(Code: BUS-0500)
£ 1,595.00
(-12.54%) £ 1,395.00
Falz Seamer II
Closes single & double lock seams on straight & curved panels.

Special price offer due to bulk purchase (whilst stocks last).

(Code: BUS-0600)
£ 1,595.00
Double Falz SeamerComing December 2020!
(Code: BUS-0400)
£ 925.00
Falz CutterFor double-lock standing seam metal roof dismantling.
(Code: BUS-2010)
£ 262.00
Disc Bender
Makes bending sheet metal a breeze!
(Code: BUS-2020)
£ 495.00
Disc Bender Double
Makes bending sheet metal a breeze!
(Code: BUS-1010)
£ 271.00
Perfect Bender S LineShorter brother of L line and XL line.

(Code: BUS-1040)
£ 325.00
Perfect Bender L LineLonger brother of S line and shorter brother of XL line.

(Code: BUS-1060)
£ 460.00
Perfect Bender XL LineBig brother of S line and L line.

(Code: BUS-1110)
£ 626.00
Perfect Bender DXL LineIdeal for bending already profiled materials.
(Code: BUS-1130)
£ 227.00
Pocket Bender
Especially useful for bending in corners.