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Express Soldering Equipment

Guilbert Express creates and sells soldering equpment and heated tools suitable for sheet metal roofing.
The company is served by a strongly developed culture of innovation, as evidenced by the large number of patents registered over 110 years of existence. The success of Express products is born of expertise in the industry and as a result, the company is "always one solution ahead" in terms of market expectations in the sheet metal roofing trade.
Express is recognised worldwide as a benchmark for leading products which have made users' lives significantly easier over the years!
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(Code: Express-409)
£ 113.50
(-15.00%) £ 96.48
Electric Soldering IronHigh power electric soldering iron suitable for zinc, copper & stainless steel.
(Code: Express-66278R2)
£ 141.09
Soldering IronComplete soldering iron with swivel hose.
(Code: Express-6367/8R2)
£ 208.70
Soldering Iron with Piezo Ignition
Complete soldering iron with swivel hose & piezo ignition

(Code: Express-364)
£ 160.69
Hoseless Soldering Iron
With piezo ignition, ideal for finishing work.
(Code: Express-6364)
£ 219.71
Hoseless Soldering Iron KitHoseless soldering iron, 2 gas cartridges, flux container, nozzle and case.
(Code: Express-4600)
£ 102.49
Hot Air GunHeat, shape, unglue, shrink, strip, defrost and unjam!
(Code: Express-471XA)
£ 146.56
(-25.00%) £ 109.92
Vulcane Hot Air GunEnclosed flame hot air burner with auto ignition.
(Code: Express-4770)
£ 36.13
(-24.99%) £ 27.10
Vulcane Hot Air Gun - Extension Hose

 1.5m extension hose.

(Code: Express-445)
£ 5.02
Super Gas Cartridge
Refill for hoseless soldering iron, maintains iron at a higher temperature.

(Code: Express-675)
£ 20.39
Soldering Iron Bit
Standard soldering iron bit.
(Code: Express-678)
£ 23.91
Soldering Iron Bit
Standard soldering iron bit.
(Code: Express-778)
£ 27.44
Turbo Soldering Iron Bit
Turbo soldering iron bit for enhanced dissipation of heat.
(Code: Express-672)
£ 25.19
Soldering Iron Bit - Pointed Tip
Standard soldering iron bit for high precision working.
(Code: Express-1772)
£ 88.76
Long Life Soldering Iron Bit - Pointed Tip
Lasts up to 5 times the life of a standard bit.
(Code: Express-1778)
£ 90.53
Long Life Turbo Soldering Iron Bit
Lasts up to 5 times the life of a standard bit.
(Code: Express-2409)
£ 53.08
(-20.01%) £ 42.46
Electric Soldering Iron Bit
Long life replacement bit for electric soldering iron.
(Code: Express-36713)
£ 20.40
(-10.00%) £ 18.36
Nozzle - Piezo
Pack of 5 nozzles to suit piezo soldering iron.
(Code: Express-36714)
£ 19.51
(-9.99%) £ 17.56
Nozzle - Standard
Pack of 5 nozzles to suit standard soldering iron.
(Code: Express-9640)
£ 11.64
Holder With Brush and Block
To hold flux and ammoniacal block.
(Code: Express-9641)
£ 2.37
Ammoniacal Block
Replacement block for cleaning of soldering iron.