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Fibre Cement & Vinyl Tools

Fibre cement board / vinyl cutting tools & equipment

(Code: Dimos-61025)
£ 727.76
Dimos CAD4 Slate CutterFor the regular and fragmented cutting of natural and fibre cement slates.
(Code: Dimos-61036)
£ 65.00
Dimos CAD4 Slate Cutter - Adaptor kit for Fibre Cement
Adaptor kit to convert the CAD 4 Slate Cutter to Fibre Cement.
(Code: Malco-TSF1)
£ 185.87
TurboShear F1 Fibre Cement Cutter
Cuts Fibre Cement board up to 8mm thick.

(Code: Malco-TSF2)
£ 185.87
TurboShear F2 Fibre Cement Cutter
Cuts Fibre Cement backer board up to 13mm thick.
(Code: Malco-TSV1)
£ 190.43
TurboShear V1 Vinyl Cutter
Cuts Vinyl cladding up to 1.4mm & sheeting up to 3.18mm thick.

(Code: Malco-TSV1RB)
£ 81.61
TurboShear V1 Vinyl Cutter Blades
Replacement blade set.
(Code: Malco-FCC7)
£ 671.26
Fibre Cement Angle CutterCuts multiple angles in fibre cement siding with guillotine precision and minimal dust.
(Code: Malco-FCCB7)
£ 73.18
Fibre Cement Circular Saw BladeFor repetitive cuts in fiber cement with power miters or portable circular saws.
(Code: Malco-FCG2)
£ 35.14
Fibre Cement Overlap Gauge ( pack of 2)
Allows one person installation of siding planks.
(Code: Malco-FCFG)
£ 14.19
Fibre Cement Facing Gauge
Guards against sagging of siding planks.
(Code: Malco-SL5)
£ 21.93
Snap Lock Punch for VinylSnap lock plastic skirting and siding to finishing trim.
(Code: Malco-NHP1R)
£ 51.25
Nail Hole Slot Punch for VinylAdd accurate nail slots quickly and easily!
(Code: Malco-SRT2)
£ 7.48
SideSwiper ll Vinyl Siding Removal Tool
Siding removal tool for vinyl siding.