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Roofinox HFX Highly Flexible Stainless Steel Roofing & Cladding

Roofinox Stainless Steel
Roofinox Plus Matte
Plus Matt
Roofinox Tin Matte
Tin Matt

Roofinox HFX Stainless Steel

Roofinox stainless steel for roofs and facades is nothing less than the evolution of the building envelope. Unbeatable in terms of durability, practically maintenance-free and good for the environment – allowing you to live carefree for years and years. Roofinox stainless steel fulfills the highest aesthetic demands and retains its stunning look for generations. Like no other.
A roof or a facade made from Roofinox stainless steel cuts an impressive figure according to the ecological construction criteria such as environmental impacts, energy and water consumption during production, and life and maintenance cycle. It is low-polluting, long-lasting and up to 100% recyclable.
They make sure to use more than 80% recycled stainless steel during the production of Roofinox. This significantly reduces the energy input and CO2 emissions. The chromium for Roofinox stainless steel comes directly from our own local mines, greatly reducing transport distances.
Roofinox is available in Classic finish, Tin Matt (terne coated) finish and many other special finishes.
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Roofinox Tin Matte Weathering
Roofinox Tin Matt (terne coated) is a popular traditional metal for visually appealing and extremely long-lasting roofs. It is also frequently used to restore historic buildings and heritage sites. The tin coating on the product weathers over time to a warm grey colour.
Roofinox Finishes