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Bessey Clamps

Quality Snips and Clamps from Bessey

Beesey offer a vast range of snips and clamps - Click on the logo above to visit the Bessey website and let us know if you see anything that you require that is not shown within our store.

We have regular deliveries in from Bessey and are able to supply any of their products.
(Code: GD-BL250)
£ 29.63
Bessey Parallel Grip Pliers 80mmFor powerful and precise clamping.
(Code: GD-BXL276)
£ 35.76
Bessey Parallel Grip Pliers 130mmFor powerful and precise clamping.
(Code: GD-KLI16)
£ 12.24
Bessey Klik ClampLightweight clamp with up to 1,200N clamping force.
(Code: GD-UK30)
£ 16.74
Bessey Uni ClampParallel jaws with large contact area and a clamping force up to 1,500N.
(Code: GD-GH25)
£ 42.22
Bessey Heavy Duty Lever ClampAll steel lever clamp with up to 8,500N clamping force.
(Code: GD-TG12-2K)
£ 14.70
Bessey TG-2K Screw ClampThe original Bessey clamp with 2 component handle and clamping force up to 6,000N.
(Code: GD-EZS15-8)
£ 16.74
Bessey One Handed ClampEasy-to-use, dial to reverse head with up to 2,000N clamping force.