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(Code: SC400001)
Abratex Lap Sealing Oil

Abratex lap sealing oil is made from non-drying oils and is used as a seam sealant for all types of metal roofs. The lap sealing oil swells on contact with water. which happens in the joint. The product must therefore not be diluted. Lap sealing oil is excellent for sheet metal seams or cross-welts.

(Code: SC200287)
XL Seam Brush for Lap Sealing Oil

Special brush that fits onto the lap sealing oil bottle. It provides a smooth application of the oil in the seam.

(Code: SC400169)
Seal & Fix Multi-Purpose Sealant

Elastic MS-polymer-based sealant for bonding and sealing. Adheres to most types of factory-painted sheet metal. Excellent for HB polyester, GreenCoat, HardCoat, plastisol, aluminium, copper, zinc, roof tiles, wood, concrete, glass, etc. Bonding surfaces must be clean, dry and free from grease and dust.

Korapop SealantSilane terminated sealant. Fully curing with atmospheric moisture. Good adhesion on metals (Zinc, Aluminium, Steel etc), primed & varnished metals, wooden materials, many duro & thermoplastics (except PE, PP, PTFE).
(Code: SC400050)
ABRA M82 Seam Sealant M82 is a butyl rubber-based sealant for all types of metal roofs, regardless of slope. The sealant remains tacky in the seam for a durable seal. Its blue colour makes it easy to see when applied
Prefa Special Adhesive Kit

Sealing kit for Prefa gutter systems.

(Code: SC400703)
Caulking Gun Non-Drip

Caulking gun for standard cartridges. Automatic non-drip function and with reinforced steel rod.

(Code: SC400710)
Caulking Gun M300 ApplicatorApplicator that guides the seam sealant during applicationto the seam. Reduces the risk of scratches and damage during installation as there is no need to turn the sheet. Easy to control the width of the joint.
(Code: MS-EFT)
Expanding Foam Tape (box of 11)For standing seams and other metal roofing applications