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(Code: SC400001)
£ 19.21
Abratex Lap Sealing OilSeam sealant for all types of metal roofs.
(Code: SC200287)
£ 12.73
XL Seam Brush for Lap Sealing Oil

Provides a smooth application of the oil in the seam.

(Code: SC400050)
£ 9.14
ABRA M82 Seam Sealant Butyl rubber-based sealant for all types of metal roofs.
(Code: SC400169)
£ 8.16
Seal & Fix Multi-Purpose Sealant

Elastic MS-polymer-based sealant for bonding and sealing.

(Code: 400410)
£ 11.82
High Tack & Fix

Professional installation adhesive with rapid adhesion.

(Code: 400060)
£ 6.88
Steel Profile SealantUsed primarily to seal trapezoidal sheeting.
(Code: SC400703)
£ 15.16
Caulking Gun Non-Drip

Caulking gun for standard cartridges.

(Code: SC400710)
£ 38.24
Caulking Gun M300 ApplicatorApplicator that guides the M82 Seam Sealant during application to the seam.
(Code: EFT-1x10x8)
£ 59.45
Expanding Foam Tape (Box of 20nr)For standing seams and other metal roofing applications.