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Snaplock® Seam System for Roofing & Cladding

Stainless Steel Snaplock System

The Snaplock® Seam System

The Snaplock® system from Metal Solutions is an evolution of the traditional hard metal roofing standing seam system. The Snaplock® system reduces on-site time thanks to a quick installation process.
Professionally manufactured off-site, it can be delivered in project specific panel lengths, reducing waste and scrap generated using other techniques. The simplicity of the system makes for a straightforward installation.
Manufactured from lighweight corrosion resistant materials, this quick and ready to install system offers a durable low maintenance solution.
The Snaplock® system can be provided as a complete roof kit including all flashings, matching rainwater products and ancillaries. It is suitable for both roof and facade applications.
Snaplock Seam

For the Snaplock® system, Metal solutions have partnered with Aurubis Nordic Copper, GreenCoat steel, Roofinox stainless steel & Traditional Textures precoated aluminium.
Snaplock® can be mounted on all roof build-ups, the only pre-requisite being that it is fully supported.
Metal Solutions ISO-Mat Metal® & ISO-Mat Pro® depending on the application.
Training can be carried out at our training school in Bolton. Bespoke courses are available if required.
The Snaplock® profile contains an undercloak and an overcloak. The undercloak side is fixed with a stainless steel fixing clip and then the overcloak side is simply 'snapped' into place.
Seam options
25mm Snaplock® seam;
-minimum pitch 7 degrees
-nominal 425mm centres
38mm Snaplock® seam;
-minimum pitch 3 degrees
-nominal 386mm centres
Panel lengths
The normal maximum panel length for factory manufactured panels is 12m, or longer if logistically possible to transport.

Self-Install Metal Roofing

Snaplock® is a great system for Self-Install. See below Jay & Holly's progress with their GreenCoat installation!
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