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Express Soldering Equipment

Express sheet metal soldering equipment

(Code: Dimos-114860)
£ 13.38
(-5.01%) £ 12.71
Dimos Holder with Brush & BlockAll you need to remove tips from soldering irons, extend their life and clean surfaces to ensure quality soldering.
(Code: Dimos-114829)
£ 4.01
Dimos BrushesFor the even application of flux prior to welding or soldering.
(Code: Express-409)
£ 113.50
(-5.00%) £ 107.83
Electric Soldering IronHigh power electric soldering iron suitable for zinc, copper & stainless steel.
(Code: Express-66278R2)
£ 141.09
Soldering IronComplete soldering iron with swivel hose.
(Code: Express-6367/8R2)
£ 208.70
Soldering Iron with Piezo Ignition
Complete soldering iron with swivel hose & piezo ignition

(Code: Express-364)
£ 160.69
Hoseless Soldering Iron
With piezo ignition, ideal for finishing work.
(Code: Express-6364)
£ 219.71
Hoseless Soldering Iron KitHoseless soldering iron, 2 gas cartridges, flux container, nozzle and case.
(Code: Express-471XA)
£ 146.56
(-25.00%) £ 109.92
Vulcane Hot Air GunEnclosed flame hot air burner with auto ignition.
(Code: Express-4770)
£ 36.13
(-24.99%) £ 27.10
Vulcane Hot Air Gun - Extension Hose

 1.5m extension hose.

(Code: Express-445)
£ 5.02
Super Gas Cartridge
Refill for hoseless soldering iron, maintains iron at a higher temperature.

(Code: Express-675)
£ 20.39
Soldering Iron Bit
Standard soldering iron bit.
(Code: Express-678)
£ 23.91
Soldering Iron Bit
Standard soldering iron bit.
(Code: Express-778)
£ 27.44
Turbo Soldering Iron Bit
Turbo soldering iron bit for enhanced dissipation of heat.
(Code: Express-672)
£ 25.19
Soldering Iron Bit - Pointed Tip
Standard soldering iron bit for high precision working.
(Code: Express-1772)
£ 88.76
Long Life Soldering Iron Bit - Pointed Tip
Lasts up to 5 times the life of a standard bit.
(Code: Express-1778)
£ 90.53
Long Life Turbo Soldering Iron Bit
Lasts up to 5 times the life of a standard bit.
(Code: Express-2409)
£ 53.08
(-20.01%) £ 42.46
Electric Soldering Iron Bit
Long life replacement bit for electric soldering iron.
(Code: Express-36713)
£ 20.40
(-10.00%) £ 18.36
Nozzle - Piezo
Pack of 5 nozzles to suit piezo soldering iron.
(Code: Express-36714)
£ 19.51
(-9.99%) £ 17.56
Nozzle - Standard
Pack of 5 nozzles to suit standard soldering iron.
(Code: Express-9640)
£ 11.64
Holder With Brush and Block
To hold flux and ammoniacal block.