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Fein ASCM 18v QM Cordless Drill / Driver

4-speed cordless drill (suitable for Falzseamer)
Fein ASCM 18v QM cordless drill / driver set

£ 462.50
  1. 4-speed cordless drill/driver with brushless motor and QuickIN MAX interface. No compromise on performance for drilling and tapping up to 12mm and drilling with carbide hole saws. Battery pack included.

    This is a suitable tool for powering our range of Falzseamer cordless standing seam seaming tools. 


    • Brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor, fully encapsulated and dust-protected with 30% higher efficiency and long service life.
    • 4-speed solid metal gearbox. Optimum cutting speeds for drilling in metal and self-drilling screwdriving.
    • QuickIN MAX accessory interface for all QuickIN and QuickIN MAX accessories. Quick change between applications.
    • High torques up to 90Nm.
    • Including QuickIN solid metal drill chuck (120Nm) with carbide-tipped clamping jaws and high clamping forces.
    • In speed 4, optimum speeds (3850rpm) for small diameters.
    • In speed 3, optimum speeds (1950rpm) for 8mm diameters.
    • Speed 1 for powerful thread cutting.
    • Electronic torque setting.
    • Fixes 10 x 400mm screws without pre-drilling.
    • 2,500 screw connections (5 x 40mm in wood) with one battery charge (6Ah).
    • One charger for all FEIN Li-ion batteries of all voltage classes.
    • The battery charge can be read off the battery.
    • FEIN SafetyCell technology. Protects the battery and tool from overload, overheating and total discharge.

    Price Includes

    • 1 QuickIN drill chuck (120 Nm)
    • 1 belt clip
    • 1 magnetic bit storage
    • 1 handle
    • 1 18v 5.2Ah high power battery pack
    • 1 plastic carrying case

    High Power Battery Pack

    2 x HighPower Li-ion batteries with ALG 80 rapid charger.

    The high charge current of 8 amps and process-controlled charge management make for short charge times. Large LED with charge state indicator and USB port for the mobile charging of small electronic devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

    Charge times (80% of max. capacity):
    12 and 18V / 3Ah: 31 min.
    12 and 18V / 6Ah: 38 min.
    18V / 5.2Ah: 33 min.
  2. Technical Data

    • Battery voltage: 18V
    • Battery compatibility: Li-ion / HighPower Li-ion
    • Battery interface: 18V
    • Motor: brushless
    • Gearbox: 4-speed
    • Accessory interface: QuickIN MAX
    • Speed, no load: 400 / 800 / 1,950 / 3,850rpm
    • Max. torque (hard/soft): 90 / 45Nm
    • Torque levels: 15 + 1
    • Drill chuck clamping width: 1.5 - 13mm
    • Fastening: 10 x 400mm
    • Capacity in steel Ř: 25mm
    • Capacity in wood Ř: 50mm
    • Tapping: M 12
    • Weight without storage battery 1.50kg

    Vibration and Sound Emission Values

    Sound pressure level LpA: 73 dB
    Uncertainty of measured value KpA: 3 dB

    Sound power level LWA: 84 dB
    Uncertainty of measured value KWA: 3 dB

    Sound peak value LpCpeak: 86 dB
    Uncertainty of measured value KpCpeak: 3 dB

    Vibration value 1 αhv 3-way: αh,D 1.5m/s˛
    Uncertainty of measured value Kα: 1.5m/s˛