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JOUANEL Industrie, based in Dainte Maure de Touraine in France, design and manufacture a wide range of sheet metal folding, guillotining, slitting, roll forming and associated machinery.
£ 10,909.50
Jouanel Probac-LT Roll Forming Profiler Light electric roll former for standing seam 110 V

£ 11,292.00
Jouanel Probac-CPRO Roll Forming Profiler
Light three piece profiling machine for standing seam (aluminium frame + right and left units removable).

£ 14,442.50
Jouanel Probac-LT-C Roll Forming Profiler with Cross CutterLight electric roll former for standing seam 110v, with integrated transversal cutting 
(Code: JOU-PCX2040A )
£ 3,479.00
Jouanel PCX Steel Folding MachineManual folding machine with roller shear, foot pedal, guiding rail and wheels.
(Code: JOU-PCA2040)
£ 4,134.00
Jouanel PCA Aluminium Folding MachineLight manual folding machine with roller shear, back gauge and guiding rail.