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Tin Snips

Tin snips & shears for all puposes

We stock the full range of Stubai roofing tools
(Code: Dimos-171523)
£ 30.94
Dimos Shape Cutting SnipsEnables the precise cutting of sheet metal in a curved or straight line.
(Code: Dimos-175523)
£ 24.97
Dimos Combination SnipsFor continuous, straight and curved cuts.
(Code: Dimos-175552)
£ 21.33
Dimos Pelican SnipsFor long, straight and continuous cuts.
(Code: Dimos-175550)
£ 30.75
In Stock
Dimos Compound Action Snips 260RSpecially designed for fine sheet metal or panel work.
(Code: GD-DBKPH)
£ 11.95
Bessey Folding Locking Utility Knife

Comfort-grip ABS handle with blade storage.
Easy change blade.
Spring blade release.

(Code: Malco-M14N)
£ 45.48
Andy Straight Snips 350mm
For straight and mild curved cuts.
(Code: Malco-MC14N)
£ 45.48
In Stock
Andy Combination Snips 350mm
For straight and tight curved cuts.
(Code: Malco-MC12A)
£ 41.03
Andy Combination Snips 300mm
For straight and tight curved cuts.
(Code: Malco-M2001)
£ 28.10
Max Aviation Snips
For straight and curved cuts.
(Code: Malco-M2004)
£ 53.22
Max Double Cut Snips
For straight double cuts.
(Code: Malco-M2005)
£ 29.51
Max Bulldog Snips
For notching and trimming to the blade tip.
(Code: Malco-M2006)
£ 34.17
Max Offset SnipsFor straight and tight curved cuts.
(Code: Malco-AV8)
£ 24.83
Vertical Aviation Snips
For tight circular or square pattern cuts.
(Code: Stubai-112803)
£ 35.83
Stubai Heavy Duty Cutting PliersIdeal for soft & hard wire.
(Code: Stubai-267602)
£ 20.34
Stubai Punch Snips
For short, straight & curved cuts.
(Code: Stubai-270501)
£ 29.57
Stubai Combination Snips
For continuous, straight & curved cuts.
(Code: Stubai-270511)
£ 32.01
Stubai Combination Snips Coated
For continuous, straight & curved cuts.

(Code: Stubai-267702)
£ 39.53
Stubai Curved Snips
For curved cuts.
(Code: Stubai-269001)
£ 34.05
Stubai Pelican Snips
For long, straight and continuous cuts.
(Code: Stubai-269011)
£ 35.18
Stubai Pelican Snips Coated
For long, straight and continuous cuts.