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Notching, Punching & Crimping Tools

Specialist tools for sheet metal

(Code: GE1434898)
£ 559.00
Accubird Pop Riveting ToolCordless tool for versatile application on-site, in assembly areas and industrial manufacturing.
(Code: Dimos-215535)
£ 34.84
Dimos Swaging Pliers5 blade plier used to crimp 2 tubes of the same diameter for fitting.
(Code: Dimos-215536)
£ 52.40
Dimos Reinforced Swaging Pliers 52mmSuitable for stainless steel up to 0.8mm.

5 blade plier used to crimp 2 tubes of the same diameter for fitting.
(Code: Dimos-215519)
£ 72.58
Dimos NotcherNotching tool designed to prevent tearing of the metal at the start and end of the cut.
(Code: Dimos-195375)
£ 17.20
Dimos Insulation KnifeFoldable insulation cutting tool.
(Code: GD-SFS-LT)
£ 24.97
SFS Intec Lazy TongsScissor action pop rivet tool.
(Code: GD-DBKPH)
£ 11.95
Bessey Folding Locking Utility Knife

Comfort-grip ABS handle with blade storage.
Easy change blade.
Spring blade release.

(Code: Eckold-HZ52)
Eckold Hand PliersThe perfect hand tool for the stretching & shrinking of sheet metal.

Contact us for options, price and availability.
(Code: Eckold-HF100)
Eckold HandformerThe perfect hand tool for the stretching, shrinking, notching, punching & edging of sheet metal.

Contact us for options, price and availability.
(Code: AKW)
£ 1,513.00
Rau Standing Seam Clipping Shears AKW EDP134Pre-cuts standing seams to form splayed eaves detail.
(Code: Malco-C5A2)
£ 151.01
TurboCrimper IMPACTQuickly makes your impact driver a power crimper!
(Code: Malco-C5A)
£ 232.30
Power Assisted Crimpers
Make fast, easy, precise crimps in large or small round duct and pipe.
(Code: Malco-MSCH)
£ 6.26
Dual Sided Hex DriverCleanable, reversible and magnetic with various hex head sizes.
(Code: Malco-N2R)
£ 57.96
Redline 'V' Notcher
Produces a 'V' notch.
(Code: Malco-HP18KR)
£ 100.76
Redline Hole Punch
Punches 3.2mm & 4.9mm holes.
(Code: Malco-SL1R)
£ 60.20
Redline Snaplock Punch SL1RPunches a raised a louvre shaped section on metal edges for locking metal pieces together.
(Code: Malco-SL2R)
£ 46.74
Redline Snaplock Punch SL2RCrimps metal surfaces together. Also used to crimp end caps on gutters etc.
(Code: Malco-SC3R)
£ 39.49
Redline 3 Blade Crimper
Ideal for crimping heavy, galvanised sheet steel.
(Code: Malco-C4R)
£ 39.01
Redline Downspout Crimper
Produces a double crimp without deforming downspout.
(Code: Malco-C5R)
£ 38.15
Redline 5 Blade Crimper
Creates long, shallow double crimps for tighter fitting.