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Notching, Punching & Crimping Tools

Specialist tools for sheet metal

(Code: GE1434898)
Accubird Pop Riveting ToolCordless tool for versatile application on-site, in assembly areas and industrial manufacturing.
(Code: Dimos-215535)
Dimos Swaging Pliers
Crimping Tool.
Blades: 5
Weight: 0.56kg
(Code: Dimos-215536)
Dimos Reinforced Swaging Pliers 52mmSuitable for stainless steel up to 0.8mm
and for thin sheets.
Makes two 52mm impressions with a 
single press.
5 blade plier with PVC handle to crimp
2 tubes of the same diameter for fitting.
Decrease with subsequent pressure.
Width: 52mm
Weight: 0.72kg
(Code: Dimos-215519)
Dimos Notcher
Notching Tool.
Notch length: 35mm
Weight: 0.56kg
(Code: Dimos-195375)
Dimos Insulation Knife
Foldable Insulation Cutting Tool.
Cutting length: 200mm
Weight: 0.25kg
(Code: GD-SFS-LT)
SFS Intec Lazy TongsScissor action pop rivet tool.
(Code: GD-DBKPH)
Bessey Folding Locking Utility Knife

Comfort-grip ABS handle with blade storage.
Easy change blade.
Spring blade release.

(Code: Eckold-HZ52)
Eckold Hand PliersThe perfect hand tool for the stretching & shrinking of sheet metal.

Contact us for options, price and availability.
(Code: Eckold-HF100)
Eckold HandformerThe perfect hand tool for the stretching, shrinking, notching, punching & edging of sheet metal.

Contact us for options, price and availability.
(Code: AKW)
Rau Standing Seam Clipping Shears AKW EDP134Pre-cuts standing seams to form splayed eaves detail.
Includes pliers.
Weight: 9.1kg
(Code: Malco-C5AC)
TurboCrimper IMPACT
The Malco TurboCrimper IMPACT is a simple, compact accessory that works exclusively with the power assistance of impact driver technology to safely and efficiently crimp 30 to 24 gauge (0.41 to 0.71 mm) galvanized round duct and (0.31 to 0.61 mm) black stove pipe.

Just connect the 1/4 inch power groove drive shaft to your cordless or corded (Min.12 Volt DC / Max. 7 Amp AC) impact driver.
(Code: Malco-C5A)
Power Assisted Crimpers
Make fast, easy, precise crimps in large or small round duct and pipe.
Fits to chuck of a minimum 14.4v cordless drill (excluded).
Heavy duty shear that clamps to the drill body for one-handed operation.
Weight: 1.6kg
(Code: Malco-MSHC)
Dual Sided Hex Driver
Reversible with 1/4" and 5/16" hex heads
(Code: Malco-N2R)
Redline 'V' Notcher
Produces a 'V' notch.
Blade: 25mm
Notch angle: 30deg
Capacity: 0.7mm galv
Weight: 0.49kg
(Code: Malco-HP18KR)
Redline Hole Punch
Punches 3.3mm & 4.9mm holes.
Adjustable stop from 6mm to 29mm.
Length: 240mm
Blade: 25mm
Capacity: 0.7mm galv
Weight: 0.54kg
(Code: Malco-SL1R)
Redline Snaplock Punch SL1R
Length: 203mm
Throat Depth: 9.5mm
Weight: 0.46kg
(Code: Malco-SL2R)
Redline Snaplock Punch SL2R
Adjustable stop from 6.4mm to 15.9mm.
Length: 210mm
Weight: 0.46kg
(Code: Malco-SC3R)
Redline 3 Blade Crimper
Length: 229mm
Throat Depth: 32mm
Weight: 0.4kg
(Code: Malco-C4R)
Redline Downspout Crimper
Length: 229mm
Throat Depth: 32mm
Weight: 0.45kg
(Code: Malco-C5R)
Redline 5 Blade Crimper
Length: 244mm
Throat Depth: 41mm
Weight: 0.48kg
(Code: Malco-C6R)
Redline Offset 5 Blade Crimper
Length: 244mm
Throat Depth: 41mm
Weight: 0.45kg
(Code: Malco-HC1)
Adjustable Hole Cutter
Hole Diameter: 51mm-305mm
Weight: 0.46kg
(Code: Malco-CB)
Replacement Cutter Bit
High speed steel
For Malco adjustable hole cutter HC1 & HC2
(Code: Malco-DS1)
Duct Stretcher
Length: 406mm
Weight: 0.34kg
(Code: MASC BK1)
Cuts continuous slots - avoids splits.
Length: 230mm
Weight: 0.25kg
(Code: MASC SCK)
Pipe Expanding Tool

Individual tools for forming collars on various pipe sizes;
50mm, 60mm, 75mm, 76mm, 80mm, 87mm, 100mm, 120mm, 130mm & 150mm.

Contact us for options, price and availability.

(Code: MASC TS1)
Eaves Cut-Out Tool
Pre-cuts standing seams to form splayed eaves detail.
Weight: 12.85kg
(Code: EDMA-0360)
EDMA Clinching Pliers
Forms a 'D' shaped lip.
(Code: EDMA-018555)
EDMA Hole Punch
Sheet metal hole punching tool.
(Code: EDMA-0341)
EDMA Slotting Tool
Notch punching tool ideal for vinyl coated cladding sheet, zinc or aluminium.