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Roller Bending Tools

Sheet metal bending tools

(Code: Draco-91545S6)
£ 338.00
Vario-BenderFor bending thicker metals.
(Code: BUS-2010)
£ 262.00
Disc Bender
Makes bending sheet metal a breeze!
(Code: BUS-2020)
£ 495.00
Disc Bender Double
Makes bending sheet metal a breeze!
(Code: BIE-10170)
£ 227.00
(-4.85%) £ 216.00
Biegetec Pocket Bender L-20/50
Especially useful for bending to the corners (e.g. window sills).
(Code: BUS-1010)
£ 271.00
Perfect Bender S LineShorter brother of L line and XL line.

(Code: BUS-1040)
£ 325.00
Perfect Bender L LineLonger brother of S line and shorter brother of XL line.

(Code: BUS-1060)
£ 460.00
Perfect Bender XL LineBig brother of S line and L line.

(Code: BIE-10060)
£ 437.00
(-5.03%) £ 415.00
Biegetec Bender XL-60Big brother of S-Line and L-line.

(Code: BIE-10130)
£ 626.00
(-4.95%) £ 595.00
Biegetec Deep Bender DXL-250Ideal for bending already profiled materials.
(Code: BUS-1110)
£ 626.00
Perfect Bender DXL LineIdeal for bending already profiled materials.
(Code: BIE-10120)
£ 495.00
(-5.05%) £ 470.00
Biegetec Disc Roller XL-Model
Makes bending sheet metal a breeze!
(Code: BUS-1130)
£ 227.00
Pocket Bender
Especially useful for bending in corners.
(Code: BUS-9001)
£ 13.50
Exchangeable Bending RollersExchangeable rollers with 2mm radius.
(Code: Malco-ER3)
£ 497.89
Edge Roller
Heavy duty edge roller with 3 stations.
(Code: Stubai-282450)
£ 366.32
Stubai Standard-BenderYour efficient on-site helper!
(Code: Stubai-282455)
£ 732.63
Stubai Duo-BenderFor continuous bending on long materials.
(Code: Stubai-282460)
£ 354.06
Stubai Disc-Bender
Designed for easy placement on work pieces that are difficult to access.
(Code: Stubai-282470)
£ 268.17
Stubai Curve-BenderIdeal for curved work pieces and small radii.
(Code: Draco-91545SET2)
£ 560.00
Eco-Bender & Single Disc-Bender Set
For bending up to 90°, then bending up to 180°.
(Code: Draco-91545SET3)
£ 747.00
Eco-Bender, Disc-Bender & Flange Curve Bender SetFor bending straight and curved metal up to 90°, then up to 180°.