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Biro Profil Freehand Rollers

Biro Profil
                             The original freehand roller also available in premium stainless steel
(Code: BIRO-BPFR-1.5/S)
£ 81.00
Biro Profil Original Freehand RollerThe original freehand roller from Biro Profil.
(Code: BIRO-BPFR-1.5/SS)
£ 117.00
Biro Profil Premium Freehand RollerThe premium freehand roller from Biro Profil.
£ 396.00
Biro Profil Detailer Basic SetBasic set with 6 rollers.
£ 416.00
Biro Profil Detailer Premium SetPremium set with 6 rollers.