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Clamps & Clamping Tools

Sheet metal clamping tools

(Code: MP-Bracket)
£ 1,358.00
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The Ultimate Bracket
Ingenious bracket that clamps on to seams to allow access to pitched roofs.
Price is per unit.
(Code: GD-KLI25)
£ 16.34
(-20.01%) £ 13.07
Bessey Klik ClampLightweight clamp with up to 1,200N clamping force.
(Code: GD-UK30)
£ 20.68
(-20.02%) £ 16.54
Bessey Uni ClampParallel jaws with large contact area and a clamping force up to 1,500N.
(Code: GD-GH25)
£ 52.04
(-20.00%) £ 41.63
Bessey Heavy Duty Lever ClampAll steel lever clamp with up to 8,500N clamping force.
(Code: GD-TG16-2K)
£ 18.91
(-20.04%) £ 15.12
Bessey TG-2K Screw ClampThe original Bessey clamp with 2 component handle and clamping force up to 6,000N.
(Code: GD-EZS15-8)
£ 20.76
(-15.03%) £ 17.64
Bessey One Handed ClampEasy-to-use, dial to reverse head with up to 2,000N clamping force.
(Code: Stubai-118010)
£ 22.24
Stubai Swiss Pattern Grip PliersFor the temporary clamping of all metal parts.
£ 42.53
Flat Plate Grips
Clamping tool for delicate handling of high-grade materials.
£ 46.31
Seam Grips
Clamps on to seams.
(Code: MASC EGZ)
£ 70.88
(-20.01%) £ 56.70
Corner Grips
Holds metal in corners prior to soldering etc.

£ 99.23
(-10.00%) £ 89.31
Corner Grips Offset
Holds metal in corners prior to soldering etc.
(Code: MASC QC28)
£ 87.89
(-20.00%) £ 70.31
Gutter Pliers 285mm
Securely holds gutter ends together prior to sealing.