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25 Apr 2023
Traditional Textures – Features and Benefits

The benefits to using precoated aluminium traditional textures are listed below.

  • Aluminium is lightweight, easy to work, has a long life and is eco-friendly.
  • Complies with construction product class A1 or A2s1d0, depending on finish.
  • Durable coating presenting a high resistance to ageing, UV, rust and corrosion.
  • The coating is flexible, so suits profiling, drilling, bending, and pressing.
  • The finish offers an almost like for like aesthetic against natural metals.
  • The material can be installed in a variety of ways; standing seam, angle seam, Snaplock® seam, flatlock cladding, shingles, reveal panel etc. 
3 Mar 2023
Traditional Textures sample brochure out now

Traditional Textures precoated aluminium by Metal Solutions Ltd is an excellent alternative to Zinc, Copper and Corten Steel natural metals for cladding and roofing construction in a variety of applications.  

Capturing the colour pigments of natural metals, and mimicking the weathering they undertake, the result of our precoated aluminium is that of a consistent,aesthetically pleasing finish.

We have now launched a new samples brochure with all 14 standard colours included, please request your brochure here.

16 Dec 2022
Jouanel Lightweight Folding Machine

Bespoke roofing projects, require specialist equipment to bend, manipulate and create bespoke fabrications. We sell and hire metal folding machines large and small. The lightweight machines are increasingly becoming more in demand, for on-site work, as they are easy to handle and are small enough to transport to site.

Jouanel Lightweight Folding Machine is aluminium made and useful for various lengths and thicknesses of all metals (capacity of each metal is in the specification).The crank handle lowers or raises the machine for the individual operator’s preference. It has a 15mm narrow folding beam, and the machine can be folded neatly away for transported easily or when not in use.

This is the perfect metal folding machine for single workers and is a three-in-one machine than can cut, fold and bead.

10 Nov 2022
Falz Bender Set

The newFalz Bender is the ultimate roll bending tool for creating 25mm undercloak and overcloak traditional standing seam profiles in one motion!

The tool set comes with both male bender and female bender in a premium military grade storage case.

Effortlessly creates perfect 25mm profiles forseaming.

Unlimited length panel creation

Works on curved/radius panels

Ideal for tapered panels or starting panels with dual male/female edges


Max Capacities:

Stainless Steel : 0.5mm

Pre coated Steel : 0.7mm

Copper : 0.8mm

Zinc : 0.8mm

Aluminium : 0.8mm

Traditional Textures Bronze

27 Oct 2022
Traditional Textures Bronze We have added another great finish to our Traditional Textures range. That's now 14 colours with more to follow!
30 Jun 2022
GreenCoat Pural BT A1 Fire Rating - please click link to view datasheet.
GreenCoat PLX Pural BT colour coated steel is available in regular and matt finishes and offers a wide range of colours inspired by Nordic nature. It uses a patented bio-based coating having Swedish rapeseed oil instead of traditional fossil oil in the paint, which is unique on the market. SSAB holds a worldwide patent for this coating technology(Bio-based Technology, BT). This product has been developed together with tinsmiths in order to obtain optimum product properties combined with Nordic quality steel and an excellent coating. The result is a unique, premium product for tinsmiths. GreenCoat PLX Pural BT offers the highest level of durability for standing-seam systems. Product is recommended to be used in all premium tinsmith applications. It is highly formable, even by hand, and has practically no spring-back, which allows for very tight folding. GreenCoat PLX Pural BT colour coated steel offers a coating that is optimized to resist weathering, resulting in excellent UV resistance (Ruv5 for matt appearance) and corrosion classes (RC5+). The slightly structured surface helps to protect against mechanical wear and is easy to handle during manufacturing. GreenCoat PLX Pural BT possesses excellent forming properties enabling very demanding folding even down to -15°C, allowing for year round installation at lower costs. The reverse side of the sheet is painted with a two-layer grey backside coating. GreenCoat PLX Pural BT complies with current REACH regulations and is fully chromate-free.