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Ductwork Tools

HVAC & ducting

(Code: Malco-TS1)
£ 63.50
TurboShear Cuts straight or to the left in round or square sections of sheet metals.
(Code: GD-SFS-LT)
£ 24.97
Discontinued Product
SFS Intec Lazy TongsScissor action pop rivet tool.
(Code: Malco-TSHD)
£ 117.14
TurboShear HDMakes fast straight, curved or square cuts in most common sheet metals.
(Code: Malco-TSMD)
£ 137.75
TurboShear MD Double CutHeavy duty double-cut shear drill attachment for sheet metal.
(Code: Malco-TSA2)
£ 268.30
TurboShear A2Heavy duty power shear that clamps to the drill body for one-handed operation.
(Code: Malco-TSHD1A)
£ 270.46
TurboShear HD1A
Air powered shear for unstoppable shearing power in heavy sheet metal!
(Code: Malco-C5A2)
£ 155.54
TurboCrimper IMPACTQuickly makes your impact driver a power crimper!
(Code: Malco-C5A)
£ 232.30
Power Assisted Crimpers
Make fast, easy, precise crimps in large or small round duct and pipe.
(Code: Malco-MSCH)
£ 6.58
Dual Sided Hex DriverCleanable, reversible and magnetic with various hex head sizes.
(Code: Malco-MCCB7)
£ 83.29
Sheet Metal Saw Blade
Cutting disc for standing seam roofing sheets.
(Code: Malco-M2001)
£ 35.13
Max Aviation Snips
For straight and curved cuts.
(Code: Malco-M2004)
£ 66.53
Max Double Cut Snips
For straight double cuts.
(Code: Malco-M2005)
£ 36.89
Max Bulldog Snips
For notching and trimming to the blade tip.
(Code: Malco-M2006)
£ 42.72
Max Offset SnipsFor straight and tight curved cuts.
(Code: Malco-AV8)
£ 25.58
Vertical Aviation Snips
For tight circular or square pattern cuts.
(Code: Malco-N2R)
£ 61.24
Redline 'V' Notcher
Produces a 'V' notch.
(Code: Malco-HP18KR)
£ 104.79
Redline Hole Punch
Punches 3.2mm & 4.9mm holes.
(Code: Malco-SL1R)
£ 62.02
Redline Snaplock Punch SL1RPunches a raised a louvre shaped section on metal edges for locking metal pieces together.
(Code: Malco-FDC2)
£ 50.34
Flexible Duct ShearCuts insulated flexible round duct.
(Code: Malco-24)
£ 19.81
DividerFast adjusting scriber.