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Marking Tools

Sheet metal marking equipment

(Code: Dimos-155562)
£ 7.50
Dimos Special Metal Marking Pencil Set5nr pencils used to draw on metal and woodwork.
(Code: Dimos-155581)
£ 7.95
Dimos Marking ToolFor precise measurement and drawing on the metal.
(Code: MS-2mR)
£ 4.95
Measuring Stick

Folding ruler.
Length: 2000mm
Weight: 0.11kg

(Code: GD-DBKPH)
£ 11.95
Bessey Folding Locking Utility Knife

Comfort-grip ABS handle with blade storage.
Easy change blade.
Spring blade release.

(Code: Malco-24)
£ 17.32
Length: 340mm
Maximum circle diameter: 1070mm
Weight: 0.26kg
(Code: TRL)
£ 55.00
Rau Drip Edge Ruler TRL EDP120
Adjustable from 20mm to 50mm
Length: 120mm
Weight: 0.2kg
(Code: Stubai-230306278601)
£ 7.99
Stubai Marking Tool with Roofing Tools Logo
Polished 1.3mm stainless steel.
Exact graduation every 5mm
Hardness: 48 HRC
Weight: 0.08kg
(Code: Stubai-251002)
£ 15.48
Stubai Bow Dividers
Joint type: rivetted
Length: 200mm
Diameter: 280mm
Weight: 0.13kg
(Code: Stubai-344030)
£ 10.86
Stubai Sliding Bevel
Adjustable angle marking tool.
Length: 315mm
Blade length: 300mm
Weight: 0.32kg
(Code: Stubai-262001)
£ 5.60
Stubai Scriber
Chrome vanadium steel tip.
Length: 250mm
Weight: 0.05kg
(Code: Stubai-263104)
£ 15.65
Stubai Engineers Square 250mm
Square with stock support.
Size: 250mm x 160mm x 25mm
Weight: 0.43kg
(Code: Stubai-263107)
£ 33.69
Stubai Engineers Square 500mm
Square with stock support.
Size: 500mm x 280mm x 30mm
Weight: 0.97kg
(Code: Stubai-263109)
£ 59.11
Stubai Engineers Square 750mm
Square with stock support.
Size: 750mm x 390mm x 30mm
Weight: 1.6kg
(Code: Stubai-263111)
£ 81.64
Stubai Engineers Square 1010mm
Square with slimline stock support.
Size: 1010mm x 495mm x 30mm
Weight: 2.17kg
(Code: Stubai-263110)
£ 81.91
Stubai Engineers Square 1000mm
Square with stock support.
Size: 1000mm x 495mm x 30mm
Weight: 2.17kg
(Code: MASC AKZ)
£ 86.06
Adjustable Marking Tool
3 adjustable settings for consistant marking.
Weight: 0.275kg
(Code: MASC MB2)
£ 12.15
Self Adhesive Tape Measure 2m2m long
(Code: MASC MB5)
£ 17.42
Self Adhesive Tape Measure 5m5m long