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Malco Tools

Let Malco help you navigate every twist, turn, and bend in sheet metal! Malco believes in American-made, top-quality products that work hard, enhance performance, and stand up to years of real-world use on the job. Tools that: Work. Perform. Outlast.
Here at Metal Solutions, we stock a wide range of Malco Hand Tools for sheet metal roofing as well as TurboShears. However if you see a product in the Malco brochure not listed on our online shop, please get in touch and we can order it in for you.
(Code: Malco-MSCH)
£ 6.26
Dual Sided Hex DriverCleanable, reversible and magnetic with various hex head sizes.
(Code: Malco-FCC7)
£ 394.86
Fibre Cement Angle CutterCuts multiple angles in fibre cement siding with guillotine precision and minimal dust.
(Code: Malco-FCCB7)
£ 71.05
Fibre Cement Circular Saw BladeFor repetitive cuts in fiber cement with power miters or portable circular saws.
(Code: Malco-MCCB7)
£ 78.57
Sheet Metal Saw Blade
Cutting disc for standing seam roofing sheets.
(Code: Malco-M14N)
£ 45.48
Andy Straight Snips 350mm
For straight and mild curved cuts.
(Code: Malco-MC14N)
£ 45.48
In Stock
Andy Combination Snips 350mm
For straight and tight curved cuts.
(Code: Malco-MC12A)
£ 41.03
Andy Combination Snips 300mm
For straight and tight curved cuts.
(Code: Malco-M2001)
£ 28.10
Max Aviation Snips
For straight and curved cuts.
(Code: Malco-M2004)
£ 53.22
Max Double Cut Snips
For straight double cuts.
(Code: Malco-M2005)
£ 29.51
Max Bulldog Snips
For notching and trimming to the blade tip.
(Code: Malco-M2006)
£ 34.17
Max Offset SnipsFor straight and tight curved cuts.
(Code: Malco-AV8)
£ 24.83
Vertical Aviation Snips
For tight circular or square pattern cuts.
(Code: Malco-N2R)
£ 57.96
Redline 'V' Notcher
Produces a 'V' notch.
(Code: Malco-HP18KR)
£ 100.76
Redline Hole Punch
Punches 3.2mm & 4.9mm holes.
(Code: Malco-SL1R)
£ 60.20
Redline Snaplock Punch SL1RPunches a raised a louvre shaped section on metal edges for locking metal pieces together.
(Code: Malco-SL2R)
£ 46.74
Redline Snaplock Punch SL2RCrimps metal surfaces together. Also used to crimp end caps on gutters etc.
(Code: Malco-S2R)
£ 55.70
Redline Hand Seamer 80mmFor bending, folding, flattening and straightening sheet metal edges.
(Code: Malco-S3R)
£ 61.62
Redline Offset Hand Seamer 80mmFor bending, folding, flattening and straightening sheet metal edges.
(Code: Malco-S6R)
£ 79.27
Redline Hand Seamer 150mmFor bending, folding, flattening and straightening sheet metal edges.
(Code: Malco-S10)
£ 70.61
Straight Seaming Tongs
Cast steel with precision ground jaws.