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Adhesion Xtreme Tapes


AdhesionXtreme® Waterproofing Tapes include a range of superior quality leak-proof tapes that offer an immediate, permanent & guaranteed seal for all surfaces. The product range includes RoofBond® that features a UV stable backing in grey, white & black.
✦ For use on all roofing surfaces.
✦ Water and weatherproofs all seam repairs.
✦ No primer required if the substrate is clean, dry and dust free.
AdhesionXtreme tapes are quick and easy to install.  Remove the protective liner, install the tape onto the clean substrate and apply pressure with a roller.
(Code: AX-RB-05010-G)
£ 13.77
These tapes feature a durable UV stable backing offered in black, white or grey to match most industrial roofing surfaces.
(Code: AX-1LP)
£ 20.00
(-10.00%) £ 18.00
AX1LP liquid primer (1L)
For preparing wet, porous or fragile surfaces.
(Code: AX-SSR-50)
£ 31.05
Rubber Roller
Silicone seam roller.