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Right or Left Cut?
Joint Types
What do you think of when you hear the name Stubai? Perhaps wonderful mountain ranges, untouched hills, roaring glaciers and pure nature come to mind? The Valley of Stubai is known not only for its tourism and hospitality.
For over 100 years Stubai has been renowned for manufacturing high quality products made from the best steel available. The Austrian manufacturer is famous amongst craftspeople for their high quality roofing tools that guarantee results.
At Metal Solutions Ltd we stock the UK's largest range of high-quality Stubai Pliers and Tin Snips in various types for roofers' daily use. We also supply Stubai Roofing Seamers, Hammers, Marking Tools and the new range of Bending Tools. We have regular deliveries from Stubai so if you see a product in the brochure not listed on our online shop, please get in touch and we can order it in for you!
Right cut or left cut snips. What is the difference?

Right cut snips are sharpened and designed so that they can cut right radii (i.e. a curve from left to right) easily. Left cutting snips are the best for radius cuts from right to left.
The common perception is that right cut snips are for right-handers and left cut snips for left-handers. This is not true. In fact, it is the other way round. If you, a right-hander, are cutting a radius (from left to right) using right cutting snips, you have to cut outwards from your wrist. With left cutting snips, (radius is then from right to left) you can cut inwards from your wrist. This is considerably more ergonomic.
Box Joint
✔ Constantly well running joint.
✔ No loosening of joint.
✔ Extra long durability.
Lap Joint
✔ Guide-bearing built in the joint.
✔ Well-running joint
(Code: STU-799814)
£ 53.72
Stubai Sharpening deviceSharpening device with aluminium handle.
(Code: STU-283210NR)
£ 61.24
Discontinued Product
Stubai 45 Degree Angle Tinsmith's Seaming PliersStubai Seaming (Clinching) Pliers feature heavy duty lap joints with pre-coated handles for comfort and grip. 
(Code: Stubai-Backpack)
£ 33.11
Stubai Backpack
The best known backpack available for all your Stubai Tools
(Code: Stubai-270250)
£ 11.13
Spring for Stubai Snips
Pack of five springs.
(Code: Stubai-267602)
£ 24.16
Stubai Punch Snips
For short, straight & curved cuts.
(Code: Stubai-270501)
£ 35.72
Stubai Combination Snips
For continuous, straight & curved cuts.
(Code: Stubai-270511)
£ 37.36
Stubai Combination Snips Coated
For continuous, straight & curved cuts.

(Code: Stubai-267702)
£ 48.23
Stubai Curved Snips
For curved cuts.
(Code: Stubai-269001)
£ 40.53
Stubai Pelican Snips
For long, straight and continuous cuts.
(Code: Stubai-269011)
£ 42.45
Stubai Pelican Snips Coated
For long, straight and continuous cuts.
(Code: Stubai-271001)
£ 18.60
Stubai Goldsmith's Snips
For extremely fine & intricate cuts.

(Code: Stubai-279501)
£ 34.94
Stubai Seam Opening ToolFor fast opening of standing seams and double seams.
(Code: Stubai-281001)
£ 36.47
Stubai Round Nose Pliers with TeethExcellent lever transmission due to the long nose.
(Code: Stubai-281012)
£ 43.68
Stubai Round Nose Pliers without TeethExcellent lever transmission due to the long nose
(Code: Stubai-281561)
£ 52.66
Stubai Round Nose Pliers SSRound nose pliers in stainless steel.
(Code: Stubai-282104)
£ 57.29
(-10.00%) £ 51.56
Stubai Bent Seaming Pliers 45° with Box JointSpecial tinsmith’s seaming pliers.
(Code: Stubai-282149)
£ 45.40
Stubai Bent Seaming Pliers 45° with Lap JointSpecial tinsmith’s seaming pliers.
(Code: Stubai-282159)
£ 89.43
(-20.00%) £ 71.54
Stubai Radius Bent Seaming Pliers 45° 60mm
8mm radius jaw for smoother & rounder bends, with lap joint.
(Code: Stubai-282151VU)
£ 77.00
Stubai Bent Seaming Pliers 45° 60mm with Rubber Jaws
Rubber coated jaws and lap joint.
(Code: Stubai-282151KU)
£ 62.77
Stubai Bent Seaming Pliers 45° 60mm with Plastic Jaws - NirolookFor colour coated materials to protect the surface. With lap joint.