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The tools at your disposal
  • With the slitting shears you can work precisely, and the cuts are free of distortion. Perfect for cut-outs and notches.
  • Our shears are extremely maneuverable. Giving you a clear view of the cutting line.
  • The nibblers are universally applicable for flat, trapezoidal and corrugated sheets, as well as C-, L-, and U-profiles.
  • Using the panel cutter, you can cut roof panels and wall elements - precisely and at right angles - in just one operation.
  • The power fastener joins two or more metal parts, and replaces joining elements such as rivets and screws.
Solid tool. Solid result.
Construction work on roofs and facades can be particularly challenging: TRUMPF would like to make this kind of work as easy and safe as possible. So we focused on the reduction of physical strain and developed electrical tools that are light, ergonomic and durable.
“Slitting shears and profile nibblers are my most important tools. Immediately you notice that the machines are developed by people who absolutely know their way around metal.“
Facade Construction
(Code: TRUMPF-S-160)
£ 654.72
(-5.00%) £ 621.98
TruTool S 160 Li-Ion Cordless ShearUp to 1.6mm mild steel.

Precise cutting with optimum performance on curves!
(Code: TRUMPF-C-160)
£ 674.93
(-5.00%) £ 641.18
TruTool C 160 Li-Ion Cordless Slitting ShearUp to 1.6mm mild steel.

Ideal for straight, distortion-free cuts and C-L-U profiles.
(Code: TRUMPF-S-114)
£ 808.30
(-5.00%) £ 767.88
TruTool S 114 Li-Ion Cordless ShearUp to 1.6mm mild steel.

For short and precise cutting on ceilings and ducts.
(Code: TRUMPF-DD-1010)
£ 233.40
(-5.00%) £ 221.73
TruTool DD 1010 Li-Ion Cordless DrillUp to Ř 8mm steel.

General purpose tool for drilling and screwing.
(Code: TRUMPF-DD-1813)
£ 372.83
(-5.00%) £ 354.19
TruTool DD 1813 Li-Ion Cordless Drill 18VUp to Ř 13mm steel.

Powerful all-rounder for drilling and screwing.