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Screws & Nails

(Code: 1261140)
£ 31.05
Fixings for Thermoseam®

Screw fixings for use with the Thermoseam® clip & peg

Material: Coated Steel
Length: 70mm
Shank: 4.8mm
Quantity: 500nr

(Code: SX2-D9-4.8x22)
£ 185.54
Stainless Screw for Composite Panel (1000nr)To fix to the outer skin of a composite panel
Length: 22mm
Shank: 4.8mm
Boxes of 1000nr
(Code: SPT-R-S-4.3x20-RS)
£ 35.68
Stainless Screw for Plywood / OSBTo fix to timber ie plywood or OSB
Length: 20mm
Shank: 4.3mm
Boxes of 1000nr
(Code: MS-SARN-25)
£ 31.60
Stainless Steel Ring Shank Nails 25mm (5kg)Stainless steel annular ring shank nails.
Size: 25mm long x 3.35mm diameter
Quantity: approx 2500nr
Box size: 5kg

(Code: MS-ARS-C20)
£ 9.68
Copper Ring Shank Nails (1kg) Copper annular ring shank nails.
Size: 20mm long x 3.35mm diameter
Quantity: approx 460nr
Box size: 1kg