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Bessey / Erdi Snips

Bessey offer a vast range of snips and clamps - download their brochure and let us know if you see anything you require that is not shown within our store. We have regular deliveries in from Bessey and are able to supply any of their products!
Right Cut or Left Cut?
In 1889, Max Bessey founded the company Bessey & Son in Stuttgart as a bright steel drawing plant. Since then, the company has continuously expanded the range of products it offers.  In 1979, with the takeover of Diener Werkzeugfabrik GmbH, Bessey established its cutting technology unit with the already popular Erdi Snips.
In 2004 Bessey & Son was split into Bessey Tool (handling the clamping and cutting technology areas) and Bessey Precision Steel (a leading German supplier of high-quality bright and stainless steels). This unique positioning of Bessey as a producer of tools and precision steels allows Bessey to procure its rails and spindles directly from Bessey Precision Steel, giving it precise knowledge of the steel quality that is going into each component. Bright steels are produced and tested at Bessey Precision Steel with consistently high quality and the utmost precision, in cutting-edge facilities. 
Standard Tin Snips
In standard tin snips, edges and handle are traditionally forged into one unit. The force required for cutting is determined by the ratio of edge length to the handle length.
Compound Leverage Snips
Compound leverage snips comprise a cutter head and a handle. The compound action produces additional leverage.
Curved and Straight Cutting Snips
These snips are real "all-rounders". They can cut through a metal sheet (straight-cut) as well as cut large and small contours or radii (outline cut). In this case, it does not matter whether you are cutting at the edge (edge cut) or at the centre of a sheet. You can naturally use curved and straight cutting snips for notching-operations.
Curved Snips
Curved snips are best suited when you want fine and narrow radius cuts near the edges of a metal sheet. You can use the delicately shaped edge of these snips to cut extremely narrow shapes or curves without any problem.
Straight Cutting Snips
Do you wish to cut a metal sheet at the centre and/or near the edges? Then the perfect tool for you is the straight cutting snips. You can use long edges of this tool to cross-cut and notch large metal sheets quickly and precisely with less effort.
Right cutting or left cutting snips. What is the difference?
Right cutting snips are sharpened and designed so that they can cut right radii (i.e. a curve from left to right) easily. Left cutting snips are the best for radius cuts from right to left.
The common perception is that, right cutting snips are for right-handers, and left cutting snips for left-handers. This is not true. In fact, it is the other way round. If you, a right-hander, are cutting a radius (see above, from left to right), using right cutting snips, you have to cut outwards from your wrist. With left cutting snips, (radius is then from right to left) you can cut inwards from your wrist. This is considerably more ergonomic.
Try it out once!
The service life of edges depends directly on the grades of steel used and processing. High-performance snips with case-hardened HSS-edges particularly fulfill the most stringent requirements regarding the service life and consistent cutting performance. Cutter heads of the HSS-TiN grade* are additionally coated with extremely hard titanium nitride that reduces wear and tear. Other cutting materials, namely special high quality steel, high quality steel and standard quality steel, are available depending on the application and the frequency of use.
Quality of Steel Min. Hardness Rockwell C Durability
       HSS-TiN* 65 +++++
HSS 65 ++++
Special High Quality* 61 +++
High Quality Steel 59 ++
Standard Quality Steel 56 +
*Please download brochure for these grades.
Aviation / Compound Snips

Aviation / Compound Snips

Snips with additional leverage
Erdi Snips

Erdi Snips

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High Quality Steel Snips

High Quality Steel Snips

High quality steel range of sheet metal snips
HSS Edged Snips

HSS Edged Snips

HSS edged range of snips for stainless steel and harder metals
Standard Snips

Standard Snips

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