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Seaming Machinery

Standing seam seaming & seam closing machines

(Code: BIE-10500)
Biegetec Accuseamer & Double SeamerSPECIAL JANUARY OFFER includes DOUBLE SEAMER (whilst stocks last)

The revolutionary cordless standing seam closer (excludes cordless drill)
(Code: WUKO-0410)
Sprinter 0410For seaming single or double lock seams.
Aluminium, copper, zinc: 0.8mm
Stainless steel: 0.5mm
Weight: 19.2kg
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(Code: WUKO-1080A)
Trimmer 1080AFor cutting off single or double-lock standing seams including clips
(Code: Draco 91580-1)
Power Seamer K9-1-GWS
For seaming single lock seams. 
Capacity: 0.8mm copper / zinc
Weight: 16kg
(Code: Draco 91560-1)
Power Seamer K9-1
For seaming double lock seams.
Capacity: 0.8mm copper / zinc
Weight: 21kg
(Code: Draco 91565-1)
Power Seamer K9-1-WAD
Complete version of the K9-1.
For seaming single lock seams
and double lock seams.
Capacity: 0.8mm copper / zinc
Weight: 22kg
(Code: Draco 91660-12)
Remote Control K9-1-KF
Remote control for the K9-1 with 12m cable length.
(Code: Draco-K9-1-ERB)
Power Seamer K9-1-ERBFor seaming round seams.
Weight: 16kg
(Code: Draco-91640-1)
Winter Set K9-1-WSAdd to K9-1 for heating metal prior to seaming in cold weather.
(Code: WUKO-1006)
Roof Seaming Machine 1006
For seaming single and double lock seams.
Capacity: 0.8mm copper / zinc
Weight: 5.3kg