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Stainless Steel Rainwater Goods

Roofinox Classic
Technical Facts
Our Stainless Steel Rainwater System is manufactured in the UK by Metal Solutions Ltd from 0.5mm 316 grade Roofinox Classic. It can withstand wind and storm, is completely rust-free and is algae and mold-resistant. As a result, you can live securely and comfortably all year round and for years to come.
Roofinox stainless steel is infinitely combinable with other building materials because of its brushed finish – both optically and technically. You can choose between the traditional half-round shape or the modern box shape! 
The Roofinox Rainwater System is near to indestructible and practically maintenance-free. Did you know, thanks to its surface, brush-rolled stainless steel is self-cleaning? Roofinox drainage is like a long-term carefree package for your roof drainage.
Roofinox stainless steel is sustainable and good for the environment. There is no traceable material erosion and it is non-reactive with water. It is produced from more than 85% recycled material, and the final product is 100% recyclable.
Roofinox Classic has a beautiful matt surface structure achieved by brush rolling the stainless steel. It reveals an almost textile feel – beautiful to look at and to touch. The simple look of Roofinox Classic makes for timeless elegance. We have been experiencing a growing trend over the past few years towards matt and dull surfaces in architecture and product design. This trend has been accommodated for by the deveopment of the Roofinox Classic finish. This surface achieves a special light distribution leading to an exquisite matt finish, i.e. a very low degree of reflection.
This has been achieved by cold brush rolling of the stainless steel, which should not be confused with brushed stainless steel. This would not be suitable for outdoor use on account of its roughened surface. The Roofinox Classic structure, on the other hand, is rolled in, making it much more resistant to corrosion. The results in an 88% lower gloss level than a standard stainless steel. At the same time, the mechanical properties of the building envelope have been optimized, making Roofinox Classic the preferred material for the craftsman.
Technical Facts
  • 20% softer.*
  • Lower tool and machine wear.
  • Four times more matt.*
  • 88% lower gloss level.*
  • Higher corrosion resistance* due to special production process.
  • Best solderability due to special surface structure.
  • Very easy to clean.
*Compared to standard 2B/2D stainless steel.
  • Elegant brush matt finish for architecture.
  • Brushed look ensures a textile feel.
  • Design application flexibility due to its mechanical properties.
  • Soft light distribution makes for a more matt finish.
  • Very low degree of reflection.
  • Superior brush rolling process which occurs during cold rolling, not to be confused with brushed stainless steel.
<< Roofinox Classic Finish 0.5mm 316 grade.
We can also fabricate from any other finish in the Roofinox range, as well as producing any bespoke items.