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Aurubis Nordic Copper Roofing & Cladding

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Nordic Brown Light
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Copper Roofing

Copper was one of the first metals used by man and is one of our oldest building materials, with unique properties and characteristics.
Recycled Raw Material
All Aurubis architectural copper products are manufactured by 100% recycled raw-material. Copper’s ability to be recycled repeatedly, without any loss in performance, is an important sustainable benefit.
Environmental Aspect

Today, around 50% of Europe’s copper demand is met by recycled material. It has been estimated that at least 65% of all copper ever mined is still in use, or available for use, today, having been recycled over and over.
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Nordic Copper is the product range for architectural applications, e.g. facades and roofs, made by Aurubis. The unrivaled range of factory-applied surface treatments provides copper and brass with various stages of oxidation and patination immediately.
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Aurubis Special Patina
Nordic Copper Special Patina is designed to help architects in renovation projects. Aurubis offer unique pre-patinated copper to match naturally patinated copper especially for historical buildings.
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Nordic Décor combines the range of pre-oxidised and pre-patinated copper with various mechanical surface treatments, e.g. grindings and pattern embossings.
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Aurubis Nordic Decor
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