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Dimos Metal Roofing Tools

Working on rooftops is no easy task. The founders of Dimos were roofers for several generations and they have devised efficient tools which are continually improved. 

Today, Dimos offers a full range of tools that were developed with the cooperation of professionals to provide well designed ergonomics, a lightness of use and a striking effectiveness to make work easier and faster. Dimos' expertise in the roofing sector allowed it to develop specially-designed tools to meet the individual requirements of every job. They have numerous patents and innovations to allow you to work in a safer, more comfortable and accurate manner.

Dimos tools have been specially created to meet all your building and site requirements. In order to do that, Dimos has drawn its inspiration from the experience of its teams and that of a panel of roofers who test prototypes in real-life situation. They define any modifications or improvements needed in order to make the tools even more ergonomic, user-friendly and sturdy.

(Code: Dimos-175519)
£ 58.31
(-20.00%) £ 46.65
Dimos Curved Blade Hole Punch Snips – Right CutPunch snips are perfect for precise circular cuts even for small diameters, particularly for guttering.
(Code: Dimos-175518)
£ 58.31
(-20.00%) £ 46.65
Dimos Curved Blade Hole Punch Snips – Left CutHole cutting shears are ideal for making precise circular cuts even on small diameters, especially for gutter starters. 

(Code: Dimos-195208)
£ 42.59
Dimos Small Tool BagThis small tool bag is used to carry the tools you need on site. You can use it as an extra when climbing in complicated places, including roofs.
(Code: Dimos-205736)
£ 37.33
(-9.99%) £ 33.60
Dimos Round Leather Nail Bag with BeltNail bags are designed to house different types of tips and nails and to also carry tools. 
(Code: Dimos-216000)
£ 416.85
(-10.00%) £ 375.17
Dimos B19 Edge Bender
A durable and solid roller bender made of a stainless steel body and anodised aluminium parts. 
(Code: Dimos-195610)
£ 397.24
Dimos Pipe Expander

Expands pipe ends to enable the fitting of pipes.

(Code: Dimos-135500)
£ 67.77
(-5.00%) £ 64.38
Dimos Slaters Hammer
The ideal tool to perform precise slate cutting.
(Code: Dimos-135555)
£ 75.57
Dimos Saga® Slaters AnvilThe ideal tool to perform precise slate cutting.
(Code: Dimos-61025)
£ 727.76
(-20.00%) £ 582.21
Dimos CAD4 Slate CutterFor the regular and fragmented cutting of natural and fibre cement slates.
(Code: Dimos-61036)
£ 65.00
Dimos CAD4 Slate Cutter - Adaptor kit for Fibre Cement
Adaptor kit to convert the CAD 4 Slate Cutter to Fibre Cement.
(Code: Dimos-171523)
£ 33.45
(-20.00%) £ 26.76
Dimos Shape Cutting SnipsEnables the precise cutting of sheet metal in a curved or straight line.
(Code: Dimos-175523)
£ 20.53
Dimos Combination SnipsFor continuous, straight and curved cuts.
(Code: Dimos-175552)
£ 23.04
Dimos Pelican SnipsFor long, straight and continuous cuts.
(Code: Dimos-175550)
£ 30.58
In Stock
Dimos Compound Action Snips 260RSpecially designed for fine sheet metal or panel work.
(Code: Dimos-175538)
£ 49.10
(-20.00%) £ 39.28
Dimos Nibbler Shears
Nibbling shears for corrugated and flat sheet.
(Code: Dimos-175539)
£ 45.43
(-20.01%) £ 36.34
Dimos Nibbler Shears for Stainless SteelNibbling shears for corrugated and flat sheet in stainless steel.
(Code: Dimos-195420)
£ 24.50
Dimos Hammer TackerEnables fast stapling in one easy action.
(Code: Dimos-195424)
£ 9.72
Dimos Staples 10mm x 5000nr5000 x 10mm staples for Dimos Hammer Tacker.
(Code: dimos-215598)
£ 31.91
Dimos Small Straight Seaming Pliers 22mmEnables the folding of sheet metal.
(Code: dimos-215532)
£ 33.89
Dimos Straight Seaming PliersEnables the folding of sheet metal.