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Sundry items for traditional sheet metal roofing

(Code: 40x40x35VVC2400)
£ 7.94
Treated Chamfered Batten RollSize: 40mm x 40mm x 35mm (approx)
Length: 2.4m
(Code: 45X45x35VVR2400)
£ 9.78
Treated Round Batten RollSize: 45mm (approx)
Length: 2.4m
(Code: NE-HSS)
£ 2.78
NedZink Head Seam SliderFor terminating a standing seam at an abutment.
(Code: MSL-RF-ASF250)
£ 311.00
Roofinox Acustic - The SilencerThe perfect noise insulation for your metal roof.
(Code: NZ-PERF-1x2000x1000)
£ 49.39
Perforated Natural Zinc
(Code: RUST-TIN-750ML)
£ 15.70
Rust-Oleum Nr 1 green paint stripper (tin)Paint stripper for coated materials i.e. GreenCoat PLX.

(Code: Survos-1L)
£ 23.00
Survos Standard

Lubricant for roll forming and arch bending.

(Code: CITROL639)
£ 32.05
Citrol Industrial CleanerAll natural, organic citrus based cleaner and degreaser for Glue/ Adhesives ( 1L)

£ 17.22

Surface oil suitable for cleaning metal roofing and facades for Zinc ( 1L)

(Code: 3M-BB75-P120)
£ 10.61
Bristle Brush
Easily removes coatings & weathering from metal.
(Code: 3M-PAD-M10)
£ 30.95
Backing Pad for Bristle Brush
Connects bristle brush to angle grinder.
(Code: MASC RSK)
£ 13.14
(-20.02%) £ 10.51
Gutter Shovel
The perfect tool for cleaning gutters.
(Code: MASC-SF)
£ 14.18
Spray LubricantGeneral lubricant for pipe expanders, rust removal, folding & curving machines.

(Code: MS-IM100BLK18x16x30M)
£ 19.80
Insect Mesh
Fibre glass insect mesh.