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DRÄCO Machinery

DRÄCO is the brand for logical and practical cutting systems, tools and machines, aiming to produce the best quality products for professionals. Founded in Germany in 1951, they have continously upgraded their systems and production facilities for more than 60 years.

In 1989, the production of DRÄCO power tools and metal shears was supplemented by the standing seam program K-series. At the beginning of development, DRÄCO introduced the innovative profiling line K1; an industrial manufacturing roll forming system with free-running pofile rollers. Draco plan to launch in complete new range of profiling machinery in 2022. The light and mobile segmented detail finger brake K1-AGNU-3 bends down and to the top. Hereby, the clean production of cassettes, eaves and much more is simple and effortless.

DRÄCO have brought many new innovations and solutions to the market to meet the requirements of roofing industry professionals. Their innovations have been developed to be safe, secure and time-saving. Consider for example the patented duo function switch K9-1-DF of their power seamer K9-1 which offers maximum safety and comfort. 

(Code: Draco-91201)
£ 2,512.00
Available at Supplier
Decoiler K1-CW/100Mobile decoiler with 5-armed reel.
(Code: Draco-91241)
£ 4,922.00
Available at Supplier
Decoiler K1-CW/100AQMobile decoiler with 5-armed reel including cross cut shear.
(Code: Draco-91271)
£ 6,029.00
Available at Supplier
Decoiler K1-CW/100AQ/LSE/S
Mobile decoiler with 5-armed reel incl. cross-cut & electric longitudinal shears.
(Code: Draco 91580-1)
£ 3,349.00
Available at Supplier
Power Seamer K9-1-GWS
Two forming station model of the K9-1 for seaming single lock seams.
(Code: Draco 91560-1)
£ 4,166.00
Available at Supplier
Power Seamer K9-1
Basic model of the K9-1 for seaming double seams. 
(Code: Draco 91565-1)
£ 5,487.00
Available at Supplier
Power Seamer K9-1-WAD
Complete version of the K9-1 for seaming single lock and double lock seams.
(Code: Draco 91660-12)
£ 381.00
Available at Supplier
Remote Control K9-1-KF
Optional remote control for the K9-1 Power Seamers.
(Code: Draco-K9-1-ERB)
Available at Supplier
Power Seamer K9-1-ERBModel of the K9-1 for seaming round seams. 
(Code: Draco-91640-1)
£ 1,121.00
Available at Supplier
Winter Set K9-1-WSCan be added to the K9-1 Power Seamer for heating metal prior to seaming.
(Code: Draco-91292-3)
£ 4,519.00
Draco Folder K1-AGNU-3
Mobile folding machine.
(Code: Draco-91267-3)
Available at Supplier
Shear K1-AGNRSCross Cut Roller-Slitter-Shear with linear guide for the Draco Folder K1-AGNU-3.