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(Code: BUS-0500)
£ 1,584.00
Falz Seamer II
Closes single & double lock seams on straight & curved panels.

(Code: BUS-0600)
£ 1,760.00
Double Falz SeamerThe Double Falz Seamer is the perfect hand-held equipment for precise and effortless seaming of single and double standing-seam in one operation.
(Code: BUS-0400)
£ 1,056.00
Falz CutterFor double-lock standing seam metal roof dismantling.
(Code: Malco-MB48B)
£ 964.00
Box and Pan Mini-BrakeFor fabricating box, pan and complex corners for flashing & fascia.
(Code: JOU-PCA2040)
£ 4,134.00
Jouanel Aluminium Folding MachineLight manual folding machine for the building site.
(Code: Dimos-086400)
£ 12,980.00
Dimos Dipro 3X
The modular profiling machine that opens a field of possibilities.
(Code: RAL7011-SC)
RAL7011 - £7.50 / kgPrecoated Aluminium

0.7mm x 600mm wide.

While stocks last.
(Code: 40x40x35VVC2400)
£ 5.94
Treated Chamfered Batten RollSize: 40mm x 40mm x 35mm (approx)
Length: 2.4m
(Code: 45X45x35VVR2400)
£ 9.78
Treated Round Batten RollSize: 45mm (approx)
Length: 2.4m
(Code: NE-HSS)
£ 2.78
NedZink Head Seam SliderFor terminating a standing seam at an abutment.
(Code: MSL-RF-ASF250)
£ 311.00
Roofinox Acustic - The SilencerThe perfect noise insulation for your metal roof.
(Code: PO3000x1350)
£ 9,750.00
Paul Ott Heated Bonding Press (used)Size: 3000mm x 1350mm

Voltage: 415v
(Code: Unibieger-260W)
£ 434.00
Drip Edge Bender - Model WDesigned for use on the wall or workbench.
(Code: Unibieger-420T)
£ 491.00
Drip Edge Bender - Model TDesigned for use on the roof.
(Code: NZ-PERF-1x2000x1000)
£ 49.39
Perforated Natural Zinc
(Code: MASC-KA1)
£ 77.96
Edge RollerFor bending folds down to 5mm.
(Code: BIRO-BPFR-1.5/S)
£ 81.00
Biro Profil Original Freehand RollerThe original freehand roller from Biro Profil.
(Code: BIRO-BPFR-1.5/SS)
£ 117.00
Biro Profil Premium Freehand RollerThe premium freehand roller from Biro Profil.
£ 396.00
Biro Profil Detailer Basic SetBasic set with 6 rollers.