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ADAX-400 Aerosol Primer

ADAX-400 Aerosol Primer

(Code: ADAX-400)
For preparing wet, porous of fragile surfaces and for tape installation below 5 degrees celsius.
Weight: 0.4kg
AX-400 Primer is a surface conditioner intended to add adhesion of repair tape. Cold weather can inhibit adhesion of most self-adhesive tapes. In cold weather AX-400 serves as an adhesive and activator for the adhesive resins contained in the tapes. In these condtions apply AX-400 to the surface so that there is sufficient material to cover the surface but without running or pooling. Immediately apply the tape to the area. The bond will develop over several minutes.
Roof surfaces are often dusty or chalky. Under these conditions AX-400 may be applied to the surface liberally and the excess immediately wiped off. Contamination that is not wiped off will be encapsulated by the resins contained in the products and the surface will be prepared for application of seam tape in approximately one minute.
Porous surfaces such as concrete, wood and gypsum board should be caoted liberally to the poimt that they do not immediately absorb additional material. Apply tape to seam areas as desired.
Not for use on some PVC roofs.