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Beran Hand Made Tools

About Beran
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Beran are an Austrian family business founded in 1907, currently the fourth generation to manufacture hand-forged roofing tools to the highest standard available.
In 1907, Josef Beran I started production, then his son Josef Beran II continued to lead the factory until his death in 1972. Thereafter, Josef Beran III and Karl Beran took over the company and continued to develop superb hand-forged tools. In 1993, Karin Urbancic (daughter of Josef Beran III) finished her Master's Degree in General Mechanics and Blacksmithing and since 2004, has been the Managing Director of Beran.
Throughout their years in the industry one thing has remained constant; their dedication to providing excellent service along with the superb quality of their hand-made tools.
Beran Snips & Metal Seaming Tools
Consider Beran the equivalent to the Rolex of watches. All Beran tools are hand forged with the highest quality steel to exceptional standards. In addition to the beautiful design, the tolerance of the snips' cutting blades are exact and the seaming tools are specifically made for extreme durability.
Treat yourself to the finest tools available on the market today. 
(Code: BIE-20020)
£ 199.00
Beran Combination SnipLuxury combination snip for continuous, straight & curved cuts.
(Code: BIE-20050)
£ 199.00
Beran Straight SnipHighest quality straight snip for short, straight & curved cuts.
(Code: BIE-20030)
£ 267.00
Beran Pelican Snip
Luxury pelican snip for long, straight and continuous cuts.
(Code: BIE-20060)
£ 199.00
Beran Figure Snip
Luxury figure tin snip for long, straight and continuous cuts.
(Code: BIE-20080)
£ 227.00
Beran Cobble
Solid and long-lasting straight seaming iron.
(Code: BIE-20090)
£ 263.00
Beran Curved Cobble
Curved seaming iron for easy seaming on curved roofing.
(Code: BIE-20100)
£ 346.00
Beran Seaming Iron
Solid and long-lasting double seaming iron.
(Code: BIE-20120)
£ 263.00
Beran Upstand Plier
Solid and long-lasting large, straight seaming plier.
(Code: BIE-20130)
£ 291.00
Beran Bent Upstand Plier
Solid and long-lasting large, curved seaming plier.