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Buschmann Disc Bender Double

(Code: BUS-2020)
Makes bending sheet metal a breeze!
Max Bending Height / Model :
£ 472.50
  1. Makes bending sheet metal a breeze!

    • Bends from 90° (starting bend) to 180°.
    • Bends steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc up to 0.8mm in thickness.
    • Bending height of 8mm to 28mm.
    • Removeable bending disc - now 30% lighter!
    • All main operating parts are made of stainless steel, for working in all weather conditions.
    • Lightweight for easy handling.
    • Perfect glide and bending features.
    • Highest quality and functionality.
    • Made in European Union.
    • All parts as replacement parts available.

    How it works
    The XL-Model starts with a 90° bend and continues the bend around to any angle between 90° and 180° by simply rolling the tool back and forth along the sheet metal, while applying pressure to bend it over.
    • Material capacity: 0.8mm
    • Bends from: 90° to 180°
    • Bending height: 8mm - 28mm
    • Weight: 1.3kg
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