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Dimos Triade 2m With Castor Wheels

(Code: Dimos-981456)
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Folding machine complete with slitter.

£ 2,553.00
  1. Folding machine complete with slitter.

    The TRIADE® 2M folder is positioned as the best quality / price ratio in its category. It is ideal as a workshop or site folder, allowing the realization of all essentials and complex folds. Versatile and scalable, it also offers the possibility of hemming and cutting with its options.

    • Inventor of the 3 in 1 concept.
    • One of the lightest machines on the market in its category.
    • Ideal for any type of folding.
    • Easy and effortless use for the operator.
    • Upper beam opening 70mm.
    • The crowning of the upper beam ensures uniform bending.
    • Universal aluminum slitter (by the product's creator).
    • Straight cut slitter guided on rail.
    • 6 bearings ensure excellent cutting precision.
    • Ergonomic aluminum handle.

    Castor Wheels
    • Castors with brakes provide more mobility.
    • Side clearance.
    • Large opening (170mm).
    • Copper (1/4 hardness) capacity: 0.6mm
    • Zinc capacity: 0.8mm
    • Aluminium (A5 1/2 hardness H24): 0.7mm
    • Steel (400N/mm˛) capacity: 0.6mm
    • Stainless steel (470N/mm˛) capacity: 0.5mm
    • Working Length: 2000mm
    • Length: 2220mm
    • Width: 600mm
    • Height: 1100mmm
    • Weight: 125kg
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